Coveo provides highly advanced search and relevance for personalised online experiences within Sitecore websites. Out of the box, Coveo makes Sitecore websites more relevant to visitors through a deep and highly productized integration that provides broad connectivity, an advanced Relevance Engine and Java Script Interface editor. Coveo for Sitecore transforms website experiences by unleashing the power of the entire content ecosystem and ensuring that only relevant content – highly valued by visitors – is dynamically searched, filtered, presented and recommended based on each visitor’s unique context.

As client’s needs evolve, Coveo for Sitecore is the ideal platform for SI partners to expand engagements beyond initial web content projects as it integrates seamlessly within the user security and system API’s, provides the extensibility and scalability to leverage all of the Sitecore features, and opens up numerous opportunities for leveraging Sitecore more effectively. This presents an ongoing opportunity for SIs to build deeper relationships and drive strategic value with customers.

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