Engagor is a customer engagement and insights platform for social brands and enterprises. The platform contains a set of tools for social media monitoring, analytics, management and engagement. It includes many features for collaboration, exporting, and automation. After setting up an account with the proper topics and social media profiles to monitor, Engagor presents you with four roughly distinct sections: Inbox, Insights, Publishing and Performance.

"Real-Time Engagement for Social Brands"


Inbox will display individual mentions filtered by topic and any number of extra criteria, e.g. language, keywords, type of content, source, etc. These mentions can then be acted on, for instance, you can reply to a detected Tweet using your personal Twitter profile from within Engagor.


Under Insights, you can view trends, statistics, influencers, and demographics to discover and understand what is being said online about your topics, interest or competitors. By monitoring your competitors social channels, you'll see how your campaigns compare.


You are able to schedule and post new content on your social media profiles.


The Team Performance dashboard gives you detailed insights into the way your social media team handles the social messages arriving in your Engagor inbox. The statistics go from average response time indicators to a comparison of the volume handled per team member.

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How Facebook’s major changes to the News Feed will impact your business

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Once again, our good old friend Mark Zuckerberg shook up the world on January 11 when he announced that the Facebook News Feed will undergo a fundamental make-over. Facebook will adapt its algorithm in order to promote more personal content rather than news, allowing more meaningful social interactions for the user. Great for humans, bad for brands, as it will have a major impact for businesses who use the platform to interact with customers.  In this post, I'll explain what's going on, and how you can adapt your strategy as a brand to survive on Facebook.

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How GDPR will redraw the marketing landscape

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The ‘Cookie Consent’ of the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation that will have a big impact on marketers. According to the GDPR, Cookies can be considered as personal data and therefore requires an explicit ‘consent’ via an ‘affirmative act’, like checking a checkbox or clicking a button. To understand the cookie consent and how this will impact digital marketing, it’s important to understand the purpose and use of cookies on the web.

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