Marketo joins Adobe in its battle for the Marketer

As a Marketo Silver Partner, we’re not only following up on what happens with one of our favorite tools, but also on the what’s happening in the world around it. Within the offering of The Reference and the Emakina Group, we are proud to cover Marketo, Selligent, Pardot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Campaigner, Silverpop and many others. This gives us a unique view on the capabilities and services of most solutions available in the market. We are a huge fan of Marketo and see the changes in its ownership as a big plus for their future. 


The announcement of the acquisition of Marketo by Adobe last week did not really come as a surprise to us or other experts in the sector. Just like Salesforce, Adobe has been scooping up tools and services over the last years to complete their offering towards the marketing professional. A tool like Marketo, which aims mainly at B2B marketing and lead management, was thus far missing in their portfolio. Adobe has put a lot of money on the table, but we believe it is definitely worth it. First of all for Adobe, to complete its offering, as stated before, but certainly also for Marketo. In our eyes, it was already one of best in its segment and this step just solidifies that position. Other similar solutions, including Pardot (Salesforce), Eloqua (Oracle), Silverpop (IBM) and also Hubspot, will have to shift up some gears to be able to catch up. 

From all the marketing automation tools we cover within our organization, we see the most interest in the B2B segment. Most of our clients have been investing in the professionalization of their sales and marketing tools in the past years. A lot of work has gone into CRM, ERP and CMS systems. A marketing automation and lead management tool is a large piece of the puzzle missing. Thus, organizations are slowly but steadily replacing their DIY marketing solutions (different solutions for mail, seo, social, web, analytics, …) by 1 solution that is user-friendly and robust enough to bring them to the next level. Even with the fact that there is still a lot of room for growth in this market; the large players like Marketo have already managed to claim most of the pie. With this marriage, we see a beautiful solution like Marketo get even more traction and possibility to grow and become the main player in the B2B marketing automation field. 

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