3 cheers for Selligent Marketing Cloud

Selligent has gathered its European partners in Amsterdam last week for some exciting news about some serious changes it is going through as we speak. A lot of great additions to the team, a flashy new branding and, most important of all, a complete makeover of the software itself. As a long-lasting partner, The Reference witnessed the changes first-hand over the last 6 months and we can tell you it has been and will be a thrilling ride. The leap they are taking on all different fronts still has to show the necessary results of course, but there are some brave steps that might very well bring in the gold.    


New Selligent CEO John Hernandez presenting the new brand

Concerning the new software, we know that many of our clients are still using Selligent V6 for their marketing automation and some have even jumped to the shiny Saas solution Engagement Sphere. The new system builds further on that last one, but even more shiny. With a new name, Selligent Marketing Cloud, and a completely new look and feel, it feels like the tool can give your digital marketing wings. This is not just a wrapping of the old versions. Some functions were improved, others rebuild and many are brand-new and state-of-the-art.

Most exciting functions we saw in action were the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning components that were added recently. Talking to the Master of AI at Selligent, Alexei Kounine, we got a true feel of the depth of the tools they have developed and are still improving upon. If you are interested in a practical use of AI in your everyday marketing campaigns, let us know and we’ll show you what it looks like to live in the future. The content and journey recommendations being done by the white-box AI system are truly omni-channel, meaning they use the same intelligence on web, mails and even mobile push messages. We’re thrilled!

Some other nice features that are being thrown at us in the new version are:

  • Integration of Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp to enable private 1-to-1 conversations with consumers
  • Advanced live content tools for content automation, nearest store location and even an Instagram widget
  • Enhanced business reporting to make sure you never miss out on a KPI again
  • Passbook support in Mobile Push notifications
  • Implementation of Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Customer Match
  • Advanced CRM connectors for various different solutions

As you can see, a whole set of new and improved tools and functionalities to make our and your lives easier. The Selligent Marketing Cloud is a new beginning for a company that has set the standards for digital marketing and marketing automation more than 10 years ago. Let’s hope there are more ramp ups like this on their way in the future. Because, as exciting all this news is, the competition is tough and the results will have to show if this new path for Selligent is the right one to glory! 

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