Own the Customer with Sitecore

Are you a customer expert? As a marketing professional the answer should be a resounding yes. Yet, many marketers, particularly in B2B struggle to show proper value. A Nielsen study shows that only 26% of CMOs feel very confident they have the right technology and resources. It is no surprise that being a customer expert is difficult. Read on to learn how to tackle the challenges on the road to owning the customer.

How can you utilize Sitecore to become a customer expert? The Sitecore platform offers many tools that are often underutilized. Let’s explore 3 tools included with Sitecore and how to best use them to get to know your customer better to offer more value.

First, Sitecore offers a powerful tool for creating profiles. Profiles can be multi-dimensional representations of your customer. A profile is made up of a set of traits that you define. You can think of a profile as a persona or a segment. You can have an in-depth view of a customer as a persona, or a broader view such as role in the purchasing process. Both are helpful to understanding the customer.

Profile Card

The power of Sitecore comes from associating profiles to your content. Multiple profiles can be associated to various pieces of content. As you do so, you gain a picture of your customers within Sitecore. You can see what content is resonating with which profiles. This is also a good way to validate some of the assumptions you may have made. Perhaps the content you view belonging to a particular profile, is not really engaging or worthwhile to that profile.

The next tool to help understand your customer is the Path Analyzer. The Sitecore Path Analyzer shows the paths that a user has taken through your website. It highlights areas of success (green) and areas that are not performing (red). Understanding your customer’s behavior is a key to owning the customer. The Path Analyzer lets you focus on what is not working and correlate the information back to your profiles. The Path Analyzer can help to answer the following questions:

  1. How are your visitors behaving?
  2. What is important to your visitors?
  3. Are we answering their needs?
  4. What content is working and where do we need to improve?
  5. Is the website providing the expected customer journey?
  6. Many more…

Path Analyzer

Campaigns are the last tool to discuss regarding learning about your customer. A Sitecore campaign can track anything such as an email to a landing page, paid search or other channels that lead back to your website. Creating meaningful campaigns will help to understand what channels your customer is using and what messages are successful.

Sitecore Campaign Dashboard

The three tools discussed should be in use by any marketer that is using Sitecore. There is no development effort required and the insights you can gain about your customer will help you to offer more value to them. Understand that this is not a one-time effort. Your customers are always evolving, use Sitecore to continue to understand them. Once your own the customer you are ready to move on to the next step. Personalization.

We simply scratched the surface of what can be done within Sitecore to understand the customer. Profiles can be created that provide a lot of depth to the understanding of your customer. Campaigns and the Path Analyzer will provide better insights with an overall strategy. Get it touch to learn more and how The Reference can help to supercharge your marketing efforts.


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