Marketing Automation is like dating. Everyone does it, but how do you invest your time in a date worth your attention?

Marketing Automation is like dating. Everyone does it, but how do you invest your time in a date worth your attention?

Remember that time when you were (almost) desperately seeking for a date or a partner to spend your life with. Can you still feel the stress of making a good first impression, that excitement for your first date and the comfort you felt when all pieces came together?

Well… let's think back to those key moments in Marketing Automation terms. You'll see, if you master the Art of dating, you'll be a pro in Marketing Automation as well.


Step 1: Check out your options (= Know your targeting audience)

What did your perfect date look like? What was she/he like and what qualities where you looking for? From all the singles you met, how did you decide what percentage of them were worth your efforts?

Without being aware of it, you were segmenting. Let's assume that you have a segmented target audience as part of your Marketing Strategy. You'll have to know who's your audience before being able to send out valuable mails.

Step 2: Start a conversation with someone interesting (= Convince your audience to share their email address)

Next up was checking the available fishes in that segmented pond. From a distance, you observe them, you get to know them and you do your best to present yourself in the best possible way so that the other person is intrigued and wants to start a conversation. 

Typically, in a Marketing context, you'll use advertising or social media in this stage to prove your brand is worth discovering. You try to fetch as much info about your audience even before their first visit on the website.
Once they visit your website, you'll do your best to provide them with (personalised) content about your brand and its proposition. It is important to gain trust so that people share their email address. Let's be honest… Marketing Automation is nothing without a solid database filled with contacts.

Step 3: Your first conversation (= That first email)

During your first conversation, no matter what medium you are using (Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook or real life), you do your best to be witty and charming. You don't want the other person thinking you're not worth his/her time. Goal of those conversations is to decide if you want to spend (part of) your life together!

Actually, you can compare those conversations to working towards a conversion if you look at it from a Marketing perspective. For Marketing Automation, this means very concrete that, once you obtained an email address, your work starts. You need to welcome your subscriber and take away any potential doubt. 

Some examples of a welcome flow can be: 

  • an automated mail to welcome your subscriber, perhaps combined with a voucher exclusively for new members
  • an invitation to complete the personal data of your subscriber in the context of 'get to know each other to provide more relevant help and content'
  • sharing some relevant information about your product or brand (a link to a tutorial, contact details to get in touch in case of difficulties)

Step 4: Pampering your way towards a stable relationship (= Your way to your first conversions)

In your early relationship, this is the time for romantic gestures. The occasional little gift or bouquet of flowers really works when you want to convince your partner that you care and that she/he matters.  
If your Marketing Automation strategy works well, at this point, your subscribers will have succumbed at least once to your irresistible offers and converted. 
Don't forget to reward that effort of trusting you with their order.
Have you considered:

  • feedback flow where you'll invite your customer to honestly assess your ordering process and follow-up?
  • a flow to bring related offers/content to the attention of your subscriber?

Convince your customers that you value their feedback and that you do your best to get to know them better to offer a better service.

Step 5: A stable relation (= Loyal customer)

Every relationship works differently, so there is no 'one size fits all' Marketing Automation approach. 

But, if you can figure out some milestones in a relationship, you can for easily translate them into some Marketing Automation flows:

  • Birthday flow: you remember and celebrate the birthday of your friends and partner, so why not celebrate the birthday of your subscriber. Let them know you think of them and perhaps even offer them a small birthday present (like a discount if they order within 2 weeks after their birthday)
  • Loyalty flow: perhaps you do something special to celebrate your anniversary as a couple. Why not celebrate the loyalty of your subscribers as well?

To be honest, a relationship can be hard work.

Same goes for Marketing Automation. The set-up of flows to celebrate happy moments, is not the end of your journey.

You'll start to get frustrated when subscribers who converted forget to check-out their shopping cart. Perhaps you'll even feel that you're losing their commitment there and you're worried they'll trade your brand for one of your competitors.

Let's keep in touch so we can share some tips & tricks to spice up your Marketing Automation approach later this year.


Of course, we are no dating experts who can give you tips on how to have a successful and loving relationship, but we can learn you how to engage (in a professional context) with your audience by using Marketing Automation. Our experts can easily translate your business goals and targets into (automated) flows to keep your subscribers close.

Feel free to come pick our brain and to experience how we make Marketing Automation work for your brand!  

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