EasyLingo, a language module for Sitecore

User experience is essential for web content management. So we created a language module for Sitecore. Read here more about the development of this language module called EasyLingo.

When a new website is created, the content and site structure are just as vital as the functionality and design your website offers. However, creating this content and adhering to a specific structure can be a tedious and time consuming task.

User friendly interface

This is why web content management solutions (CMS) seek to offer the most ideal and user-friendly interface possible.
This is done with a few specific goals in mind:

  • Facilitate smooth and consistent data entry
  • Offer a content editor interface that the user can relate to
  • Relieve the workload for the day-to-day editing job
  • Offer the best marketing and editing tools integrated into one interface
  • Empower the content editor to achieve digital goals

It is therefore the task of the user interface to make sure that all of these functionalities, aimed at content editing, content measuring, content personalization, etc. are made available at a marketers fingertips.

Expandable interface

Where most Content Management Systems come with a fixed set of functionalities in the interface, Sitecore has made this set expandable through customizations. In other words, if you believe a functionality does not fully match your needs or is missing entirely, as an implementer, you are free to modify or add it. This bit of functionality might just be the key to making your life easier.

And if there is anything that our yearlong experience with online platforms and web content management has taught us, it is that user experience and ease of use are key.

The digital landscape knows little to no barriers and aims to spread your brand message and product offering across different types of visitors, devices and languages. With regards to languages, Sitecore ships with a strong versioning system that helps you track and create language specific versions for the entire reach of your website.

Language module

However, we learned that during the editing process, the interface lacks a clear view on which language versions already exist, which aren’t created yet and how the language mechanism works. This problem became even more prominent in a large setup that features multiple languages and multiple websites. Some of those websites may be tailored for the European market whereas other might have their focus set entirely on the APAC region. Since those two regions feature entirely different languages, it would be great to see that reflected in the user interface of the content editors.

EasyLingo This was our main reason to create the EasyLingo module. Sitecore allows the creation of modules which can be shared with the community via their Marketplace, a website with a wide variety of modules all aimed at adding or improving the Sitecore feature-set. The EasyLingo module acts as a snap-in into Sitecore and offers an additional language bar in your interface (both in the Content Editor as the Experience Editor – version 2 and onwards).

This language bar interface features a number of language lists:

  • Versioned languages: Created content for configured languages
  • Fallback versions: Content versions available through Sitecore’s 8.1 fallback mechanism
  • Languages without a version: Configured languages that do not have content yet
  • Other languages: Content available in other languages then those configured in Sitecore

For more information on this module, we would like to refer to the Sitecore Marketplace where the module is currently hosted.

As this module is open source, feel free to look into our code base on GitHub and provide us with feedback, feature requests and what more. Any feedback is appreciated.

For more information on our Sitecore experts:

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