Sitecore MVP Summit 2016 – Day 2

A new day in New Orleans. Our two MVP’s are still happy to be there so read there insights from day 2 in this new blogpost!

mvp summit day 2 

Welcome into a humble recap of the second MVP Summit day. A beautiful second day that took place at a unique location, more specifically the NOLA Motorsports Park. The information that is shared to the attending MVP’s is mostly confidential and should under no circumstances be shared publicly. So it is challenging to disclose what the summit is about.

The MVP Summit aims at providing first-hand information, concepts and new product development into the various types of MVP’s present. This allows for Sitecore receive early feedback and insights which can help to further develop new or existing product features.

A while back, Sitecore promised that they would adapt their product development strategy. The strategy needs to fit better with the requirements set forward by the actual customers as well as technology and feature requests from the user base and developers.

Most of the topics offered in this second day of the MVP Summit proved exactly that. No gigantic new features and functionalities but rather a number of development and integration accelerators that will help you with your actual digital project.

Sitecore is not shying away from adopting new Microsoft technologies and even has to hold off from time to time in order for Microsoft to pick up the pace and help realize the Sitecore vision. Different aspects were covered in the various sessions: Architecture, Hosting, Cloud Solutions, Integrations and even the whole Habitat/Helix approach were openly discussed.

That Sitecore is set on listening for feedback and the customer’s buy-in for their product approaches, with regards to documentation, product development, training, personalization, commerce and so on, is proven by a set of round-table discussions. These allow partners and customers alike to share their view on the product, challenge Sitecore with product requirements or issues in a face-to-face discussion with both peers and Sitecore Product owners.

As mentioned, MVP’s are not allowed to share all received information, but what we are able to share is that Sitecore is still becoming a stronger, more matured product that holds a strong promise. The promises of offering a large toolkit, numerous strong and competitive functionalities as well as a product that is built by a highly motivated and innovative team. This team also has opened up tremendously to its user base over the last years.

A big thanks goes out to all the people at Sitecore that helped to make the MVP summit possible. It was an unforgettable experience that has prepped us for the Sitecore Symposium that is coming up in the next THREE days.

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