5 Reasons you Should be Using Google Data Studio

Everyone remembers the time when you spend hours on exporting, filtering and formatting data in Excel. Good news, those days are over! Google Data Studio brings dashboards and reporting to the 21st century.

If you are unfamiliar with Google Data Studio: it is a web-based dashboard and reporting tool by Google that is easy to use and customize. As important: it is completely free! Time to start tracking those goals and KPI's like a pro.

In this post, we will give you 5 quick reasons to start with Google Data Studio today.

1. Customize and create engaging reports

Google Data Studio provides a blank canvas where users can create single or multiple-page reports. You can easily drag and drop everything from bar, line, pie, and area charts, scatterplots, bullet graphs, and Geo maps. There are no fixed columns or widgets sizes. The tool also allows you to customize the design of the page, to match your organizations branding and colors.

You typically start a report from scratch and tailor it down to the needs of your organization (and the KPI’s you wish to track). Once created, you have a real time report that is available and up to date anytime, with the ability to gather and combine all the information over multiple data streams. The sky is the limit!

Multi-Page and drag and drop options

Overview Branded Report

2. Combine multiple data sources onto one report

As mentioned, Google Data Studio allows you to pull multiple data sources in real time, eliminating the need to schedule periodic data refreshes for your reports. A complete overview of all the default data connections can be found here:.There are already over 120 data connectors available today!

Data connectors

A big advantage of real time data is the ability to toggle between date ranges. We find it useful to set the default date range to the current month and add the date compare type to previous month. This allows us to compare period over period to make sure we are hitting our target KPI’s.

Set monthly comparison

Show comparison and arrow icons

3. Sharing and Collaboration

Sharing reports with Google Data Studio is extremely simple and a time saver. You can grant access to anyone you’d like and also set permissions as needed. In this way, you can ensure that everyone within the organization can view your reports, but only you and your team can edit them. You can even export the dashboards into company branded PDF reports.

4. Tables

Tables are my go to in Google Data Studio. You can add a number of dimensions and metrics to tables and the data is very clear and precise.

  1. You can add a summary row for grand totals
  2. You can adjust how many rows per table to show
  3. You can filter by including and excluding any number of dimensions

5. No Cost

Yes, you heard that right: Google Data Studio is free to use and there is no limit on how many reports you can create. What are you waiting for?

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