Making data more accessible and usable with Data Studio 360

Some time ago, Google announced its new corporate package: Analytics Suite 360. This is a collection of tools to get more out of your web data. The 360 in the name represents the all-encompassing vision: it is about collecting, segmentation, analysis and use of data for marketing purposes. In this blog post we will focus on Data Studio 360.

Making data more accessible and usable

Data Studio 360 is a dashboarding tool, a versatile and flexible software that entirely covers the last four stages of data analysis for you. Those steps are:

• Transferring data
• Analyze data
• Visualizing Data
• Share insights

Because of the integration of different data sources the usual "silo approach" of data completely disappears. Marketing and sales data can be combined with each other and are displayed in real-time. Analysis becomes flexible and with a good configuration, complicated procedures are no longer necessary.
Schema: connect-analyze-visualize-share
All data is poured into manageable panels which are easy to understand for everyone. This way you can present tables, timelines, pie and bar charts to share data and insights in an intuitive way.

Chances are that you currently use a spreadsheet program such as Excel? The disadvantage of such a program is that data must be collected, cleaned and integrated again and again, at every reporting. With a dashboarding tool this is in the past, retrieving the data is automated.

It is true that no data is stored in Data Studio 360 itself. The tool simply connects to different systems containing the data. All data is retrieved in real-time and displayed in a window in your browser. The tool can be connected to different APIs including Google Analytics and Google Adwords. But it is also possible to consult a Google Spreadsheet. These spreadsheets can then be used as an intermediate channel to import external data.

Dashboarding: no new story

All this is not a new story for us. There are already several dashboarding tools on the market that do the very same. Personally we have been working with Klipfolio for a long time, now. We even already succeeded in matching a set of APIs and technology: Google Analytics, Facebook, Adwords, Addemar, Adobe Analytics, Selligent, etc.

Connectivity is one of our main concerns. Up to now, the key question to which we have not received an answer yet, is the connectivity with other channels such as social media, CRM tools, marketing automation tools, third party APIs and public data. In order to be able to take a look at other channels, currently BigQuery and Google Spreadsheets are assigned a role as intermediaries.

Data Studio 360 cloud BI

How is Data Studio 360 different?

Speed: Data Studio is really fast. The data sources, these are the different sources where data is collected, all belong to the Google ecosystem, connecting them seamlessly to Data Studio 360. With a single click all these sources can be visualized.

Collaboration: Data Studio can be regarded as a tool that would fit perfectly on Google Drive, the online office suite from Google. You can simultaneously work on projects with different users, without having to take into account-version-control. And Google takes ‘real-time’ very literally: you can actually see on your computer what your partners are working on in the dashboard.

Printability: The dashboards can be considered as a canvas. Each dashboard is a white canvas. You simply drag text and visuals onto them, it is not complicated at all. This also ensures that the dashboards are very easily printed without any compromising on style.

We are already excited about the smoothness of Data Studio 360. Everything works so fluently that we sometimes struggled to hide our disbelief. Nevertheless, the question remains which connectors are to be added in the future. It would be a missed opportunity if third-party applications are excluded.

We will further follow up the news about Data Studio 360 and Analytics 360 and comment on the new product.

Next week: Audience Center 360.


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