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Mobile mindshift: 4 major changes, mobile marketing & mobile advertising explained.

Mobile Marketing Tips & Tricks

More than a quarter of the world’s digital traffic is generated by mobile devices. That’s a lot. An awful lot. Especially when you think that this is a global average. Some analytics accounts put the number of visitors visiting certain sites via smartphone at 3 in 5 or 4 in 5 (!) even.

So, how do you, as a company, cater for that? In contrast to other trends or shifts where technology & tools have an impact on how visitors will find you, this evolution is mainly one where the mindset changes. To put it simply: your site is now approached with a different device: the smartphone.

Nothing new about that you might think. After all, this trend has been developing for a number of years now and is no different from what we have seen abroad (read: the United States) for years. As we’re being hit with increasingly more mobile traffic, it’s about time we started to reflect on that development, to put on our thinking cap and to swing into action, the mobile way.

Mobile Mindshift

To interpret this drastic change correctly, we will briefly touch on the four major changes we have spotted in this mobile mindshift:

  • Context
    In contrast to desktop use, mobile visits are far less structured. We’re not talking about, let’s say, three fixed moments where the objective has been defined in advance but, in principle, about 100 micro-moments where brief brand interactions or touchpoints come to the foreground. Believe it or not, these micro-moments are a continuous process.
  • Channels
    An e-mail is an e-mail whether it’s opened on a mobile device or not. AdWords is AdWords, even when clicked via a smartphone. Yet, the input from these channels and the moment in time these channels are used, differ greatly from desktop. Here too, context becomes an important element when setting up the inbound marketing mix.
  • Experience
    Like context, this concept is somewhat intangible too. It’s about the mobile experience. Look at it like this: my smartphone screen is considerable smaller than my desktop screen. So, how do you deal with that fact, given that my triggers or needs are fundamentally different when I visit a website via smartphone?
  • KPIs
    You’ve heard it before: 'the mobile conversion ratio is less than half of the desktop conversion ratio'. Spot on. But what if you’re looking at the wrong metrics?

Let’s use a few examples to help you interpret this mobile mindset correctly.

Imagine that you have co-working space to let. In that case, Waze, the world’s most comprehensive community-based traffic and navigation app, is an excellent opportunity.

Context  Users who are gridlocked between Ghent & Brussels are amenable to a co-working space or flex workspace.
Channel One of the most widely downloaded navigation apps in Belgium: Waze. And available to mobile users only.
Experience Gridlock between Ghent & Brussels? Not to worry! Drop into the Aalst co-working space for a few hours and spend your time productively'
  • Click-through rates
  • Occupancy of the co-working space for the duration of the gridlock
  • Number of loyal customers you stand to gain

One other opportunity would be to link the right data sources so as to establish the correct context and to capitalise on that. For instance, you could link weather data or traffic information to offers in your AdWords account. With a little automation you can even link the display ratio of your advertisements to that traffic information. By doing so, you will time and time again to capture the imagination of relevant mobile visitors at the very moment they are open to alternatives.

Bam! Relevance galore

Mobile Marketing > Mobile Advertising

So much for mobile advertising. Needless to say, mobile marketing encompasses far more than targeted advertising on mobile apps or other mobile devices.

There’s also mobile SEO for instance, a concept which Google got people in a flap with the so-called Mobilegeddon. On hindsight, this major announcement by Google was nothing more than a storm in a teacup (give or take the odd exception admittedly). But does that mean that mobile SEO has no role to play? Absolutely not! Compare the performance of a non-mobile-friendly page with that of a mobile-friendly page and find out for yourself how important a mobile-friendly website can really be.

And what about mobile video? Did you know that well over 50% of the world’s YouTube-viewers use a mobile device to watch videos? That’s a mind-boggling number of people! Link this staggering use to the fact that users who watch videos on a mobile device are more likely to look at and share ads and you’ll realise that mobile video is a channel to be reckoned with.

Mobile App Marketing

Whenever mobile marketing is mentioned, mobile applications soon find their way into the discussion. Applications, which do claim a large portion of mobile time after all, can play a key role in your ability to retain existing users.

Increasing the use and engagement of such a service app can have numerous advantages:

  • Lower (offline) service costs as a result of the app’s increased usage
  • An opportunity to discover mobile-specific needs
  • Increased customer satisfaction thanks to user experience optimisation
  • Capitalizing on the needs of an omni channel-marketing mix

The marketing mix you could use to boost the use & engagement of an app like this can be diverse. To start with, we give preference to search & social advertisements.

Mobile Marketing

It’s a no-brainer. Mobile marketing is big, will only get bigger and is not to be underestimated. Each vertical has its own needs and wishes, but mobile will become more important as time goes on.

Keep your finger on the pulse and pay sufficient attention to the mobile way:

  • Step 1: go to your Web Analytics package and compare your number of mobile visitors and desktop visitors.
  • Step 2: assess the importance of mobile marketing and plan the relevant actions to service your target group.
  • Step 3: contact us if you have any problems, questions or inspiration.

If you find yourself wondering how we at The Reference managed to successfully resolve comparable issues then don’t delay and contact us to find out!

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