What can we expect from this year's MozCon

The MozCon conference starts today. Does your heart skip a beat when hearing the name MozCon? Our experts tell you what to expect from the MozCon: 'not your typical marketing conference'!  -This is post 1 in a series of blogposts about each 'not so typical marketing day' that our expert has spent at MozCon-

MozCon 2016 

Every year some 1,500 online marketers head off to Seattle for the conference of the year. That I am amongst them, this year, makes my online marketing heart beat just a bit faster, I must admit. Anyone who ever was in contact with Moz, either with their SEO services or with their content marketing tools, knows that Moz soars high above any of the competition. Founder, Rand Fishkin, also known as the ‘Wizard of Moz’, can safely be named a genius and the Moz blog tops the reading list of many passionate marketers.

The Future of Online Marketing

MozCon is rightfully called "not your typical marketing conference." It serves a critical but open minded look ahead to the future of online marketing and we, from The Reference, are only too happy to be able to join in. MozCon originally was a search marketing conference, but now it covers much broader topics than that. Among the speakers are only a few SEO experts, we will also be able to meet content strategists, community managers, social media strategists, project managers, designers...

Three Days of Topexperts

During the three MozCon days you can listen to top speakers (that are undoubtedly the very best in the business) discussing their most recent studies and their latest ideas. I gladly sacrifice a few days of my time, to make learning the priority and to get to meet gurus like Wil Reynolds or Ross Simmonds in person. Enough material add months of energy to my marketing drive. Here are some favorites that we look forward to with great interest:

Ross SimondsRoss Simmonds: "Content Chaos: Building your brand through constant experiments"

Since most brands and companies have now jumped on the content marketing bandwagon, it is more necessary than ever to differentiate. Major brands are taking more risks with their content and Ross Simmonds Crate explores this trend.


Pete MeyersDr. Pete Meyers: "You can't type a concept: Why keywords still matter"

Google continues to change and to improve aiming to respond even better to the intention and the natural language used. Dr. Pete Meyers from Moz itself will explain how we can do even better keyword research for search engines that begin to use concepts.



Rebekah CancinoRebekah Cancino: "Optimizing the journey to deliver radically relevant experiences"

So there you are, at the top of the organic search results ... now what? A new customer across the finish line, is not a conversion yet. In this session Rebekah Cancino explains how SEO, content, design and UX are brought together to create a complete customer experience that is personalized and highly relevant.


Kindra HallKindra Hall: "The irresistible power of strategic storytelling"

Storytelling, for years now, is being pushed forward as the way to succeed in marketing and business, but it remains an art in itself. Kindra Hall reveals specific storytelling strategies to further create better content and gain maximum customers.


Rand FishkinRand Fishkin: "Link building's tipping point"

Rand puts an end to the myth that links and search engine rankings magically appear when you create great content. The opportunity to learn from the master himself how to set up a link strategy with the best tools and tactics.



 -This is post 1 in a series of blogposts about each 'not so typical marketing day' that our expert has spent at MozCon- continue to day 1
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