Test, optimize and personalize with Google Optimize 360

On March 15, Google announced the Google Analytics 360 Suite. This is a collection of enterprise products to help you to better understand your customers on the basis of marketing and other data. Thanks to these insights, you can create a personal and meaningful experience that will contribute to a higher efficiency of your marketing efforts.

Optimize 360 overview 

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, The Reference follows the latest evolutions of Google Analytics 360 from really up close. Today we became acquainted with Optimize 360. With this solution you can optimize, test and personalize the user experience of your visitors.

With Optimize 360 you can, by means of A/B testing or multivariate testing, create different versions of your web page and test which version better achieves your goals. Such techniques are now well integrated in many digital marketing platforms. However, there are some interesting features that set Optimize 360 apart.

Visual Editor

The visual editor has a simple interface with which you can make simple adjustments without real technical programming knowledge. You can also do more advanced adjustments by customizing HTML and JavaScript code. This gives you the opportunity to test functional modifications, such as animation, in addition to visual and content changes, that could contribute to a better user experience.

optimize 360 visual editor

Close relationship with Google Analytics

A major advantage of Optimize 360 is that the configuration of Google Analytics is integrated into Optimize 360. This way you can use the predefined goals, segments and other institutions from Google Analytics in Optimize 360. In addition you can use the results of an A/B-test to further analyze in Google Analytics to get additional insights from here.  

To define a 'winner'

To determine the best version of an A/B-test is not always easy. It is important to have a reliable result. On the other hand you do not want to wait too long to capture the winning version. On the basis of the Bayesian probability theory the trade-off is optimized.

Chances are constantly reviewed based on new information flowing in nonstop. Optimize 360 not only gives the current statistical results, it also gives tips on how the figures should be interpreted and what the next steps are to use that new knowledge.

Extensive reporting and analysis

Optimize 360 operates on top of data from Google Analytics. This means that all the data you can use in Google Analytics is also available in Optimize 360 and vice versa. For example, there are a variety of dimensions and metrics available to further analyze the data in depth.

When A/B-testing is set up, it may be that there is a difference between new users versus existing users, mobile versus desktop users or users who come to the website via email and users who found their way through social media. Thanks to Optimize 360 you can dive in these data without detours.


To build a good relationship with your customers, you would like to offer all of them an excellent user experience. Customers who see relevant content tailored to their specific needs and interests convert better, because they get to see what they want to see. For example, a person who has just bought a new smartphone, does not need to see more promotions for this product, but rather for a protective cover or headphones. Optimize 360 can offer each client the right products based on the segment to which they belong.

We are already excited about the new features of Optimize 360. If we have to highlight one feature that we look forward to the most, it is the Google Analytics integration. It is a great thing that Optimize 360 not only selects a winner, but it also allows us to dig deeper into those tests. We therefore look forward to how the other 360 suite products like Attribution 360, Tag Manager 360, 360 Audience Center and Data Studio 360, will be working together.

This is the second part of our series about the Google Analytics 360 Suite. Who, after reading this blogpost, still wants to learn more about the 360 Suite, we can recommend reading our previous blogpost about this topic.

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