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Social media is mature, but do we deal with them in a mature way? Explore the power of Komfo and Sitecore: customer profiling.

Social media is mature, but do we deal with them in a mature way?

You hardly need us telling you that the social media have well and truly matured. It’s almost 10 years since Facebook caught the imagination of the public in a large scale. Since then there has been a coming and going of (new) social media players. Meerkat and Periscope are the latest kids on the block to create a fair bit of buzz these past few months, at least amongst a select club of 'social media aficionados'. And... O yeah... has anyone heard of Ello lately?

All joking aside ...

"Social media as medium may be mature alreadybut the same cannot always be said for the manner in which companies deal with them and measure the success of their efforts against them."

And, then again, how 'social' are the social media these days?

Facebook, for one, has become more a 'paid media', used by businesses to promote their content. There is nothing wrong with that of course, provided its remains contextually relevant and forms part of the brand experience. Facebook has today largely become more of 'a paid media thing' because the organic range of the content is no longer anything to write home about: in a best-case scenario, your non-promoted content will reach about 6% of your fan base... talk about organic range!

As the social media matured, also the tools to manage these social media evolved. And thankfully they continue to evolve! Depending on objectives and applications, one tool will be more suitable than the next. Whether you’re into brand monitoring, webcare, marketing or research, the trick is to never lose sight of your main objectives when you’re choosing a toolset.

We looked at an upcoming player in the market: Komfo, founded in 2008 and since last year part of the Sitecore social media solution. Sitecore integrates the Komfo application with their own Customer Experience Platform and, by doing so, drastically expands the social media-management opportunities for its clients. But non-Sitecore clients can use Komfo too as a single solution for their social media management and marketing activities. After all, Komfo is a fully web-based and mobile solution!

The power of Komfo and Sitecore: customer profiling

The Komfo social media marketing suite in first instance offers you all the tools you need to steer your marketing activities on the social media in the right direction. In concrete terms, that means features and functionalities to:

  • Listen in a targeted fashion
  • Create content and disseminate it optimally
  • Stimulate and enhance interaction and engagement with the community
  • Measure, report and optimise impact!

"What sets Komfo apart is that it is integrated with Sitecore Customer Experience Management"

'So what?', you may say.

In concrete terms, this on the one hand means that your customers’ existing profile data can be enriched with social data from Komfo. In addition, you can also use profile data from Sitecore to reach a specific target group on the social media, which means that you can also target on social in a very specific and segmented manner! Another advantage is that content managers in Sitecore can henceforth easily promote existing content on their social media channels.

"This integration is essential because 'customer profiling' becomes essential if it is to remain relevant."

To achieve that, we need systems that can give us a more overall picture of customers, rather than focusing on a set of metrics and interactions within one particular touchpoint. In other words, once data silos are dispensed with, we get to see the overall picture which in turn allows us to focus more on overall outcomes instead of on output within one specific channel.

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