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What is the purpose of your brand, why does it act as it does? Most companies find it difficult to answer this question. That is why our brand experts will guide you through the entire process using a pragmatic step-by-step approach. 

Building a thriving company requires a brand purpose that inspires your audience to connect with you. By committing yourself to a certain purpose, your target audience will engage more strongly with your brand. 

A brand strategy is your brand’s blueprint, it is the foundation of your brand’s future and success: it determines your brand purpose, defines your position in the market and serves as the red thread in your brand communication.  

A distinctive brand strategy also provides a solid basis for the visual identity of your brand. Thanks to a strategic brand exercise, we can support our graphic designers with their initial design impulses. 


We can subdivide a brand strategy into two main components: brand architecture and brand positioning. 

Brand architecture

Each brand must have an understandable meaning. When the brand portfolio of a company consists of several brands, they can either be linked to each other or operate in the market as stand-alone brands. A brand architecture is the logical, strategic and relational structure of your brands. Making the right choices when structuring your brand architecture is key to organize a business in a way audiences will understand what you offer and how they can engage.   

Brand positioning

Brand positioning refers to the conceptual place you want to own in the consumer’s mind. It refers to the reason he buys your product or service, and not another one. Defining your brand positioning ensures that all your brand activity matches this one particular vision & purpose. It determines how your brand looks, feels, talks and how your customers experience and perceive it. An effective brand positioning strategy will boost customer relevancy and competitive distinctiveness, hereby maximizing your brand value.



The Reference developed a brand new website for Biscuterie Jules Destrooper. The result is astonishing and the whole team is, quite rightfully, extremely proud of it. It all started with... a cookie. Not only did it inspire the web design, but also the user experience. The Reference took care of the whole package: from photography to design to development. 

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