Creative campaigns

A strong strategic approach allows us to get a deep understanding of our clients’ situation, the audience, the channels that will be used, the objectives the campaign pursues and the benefits the audience will respond to. This allows us to create big ideas that are not only relevant to the brand at hand but that capture audience interest, influence their emotional response and inspire them to take action. A great campaign not only addresses multiple touchpoints, it even generates new ones.

The Reference was originally selected several years ago based on its technical expertise, but has since proven its true value in becoming a trusted partner for our business growth. They have delivered exceptional results with our Adobe Experience Manager implementation, designing a seamless experience across all devices and platforms. Once complete, The Reference worked to integrate Eloqua, allowing the business to deliver personalized content to our customers across multiple channels.

Bruce Youmans, Director, Product Marketing

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The Reference has its office in the heart of Manhattan.
“I want to wake up in that city that never sleeps, and find I'm king of the hill, top of the list, head of the heap” – Frank Sinatra