Creative Storytelling

Making your brand resonate
The digital jungle makes it hard for brands to communicate in a consistent way and to constantly live up to the emotional experience customers expect. 
The Reference delivers a crystal-clear framework for consistent brand communication throughout the entire digital landscape. 

Creative storytelling is the ability to make your brand resonate with your consumer by tapping into what already exists. Every consumer has experiences and consequently reacts emotionally.  We strive to tap into this human factor to get people to invest in your product emotionally, making them much more likely to ultimately invest financially in your offering.

It is, however, hard for a brand not to get lost in the digital jungle. The virtually unlimited amount of digital channels offer plenty of communication opportunities, each with their own peculiarities. 

The Reference can help you define a content strategy that serves as a framework for digital brand communication, which makes it practical and easy to answer questions such as:

  • Where can I find my target audience and how should I talk to them on the different (social) channels? 
  • How can I make sure my online advertising campaigns are coherent with my email communication?
  • What kind of visual supports should I use on social media?
  • When and where do I distribute my content in order to work cost-efficiently 

Once our strategists have defined the brand and content strategy, our content team takes care of the content calendar, content production and content distribution: audiovisual assets, photoshoots, motion & video, copywriting as well as the community management of your social channels. 

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