Serving a higher purpose
Good design is not creative simply for the sake of being creative. All visual aspects of your brand should serve a purpose, reflecting your brand’s vision and attitude. The Reference is known to create meaningful designs, serving a higher purpose than mere creativity.  


Adaptability is key

At The Reference, we know how to build a sustainable corporate identity guide because we believe it must never be a book filled with dogma's. (You know, the kind that creatives loathe).

Your corporate identity can never be a millstone around the neck of the marketing department. Instead, it should be a tool to help them in their communication. 

Agreed, some aspects -- such as your logo or company colours -- should not be touched upon. They are your brand's DNA. We do need to create a sandbox for creativity to flourish, and digital is playing a central role in this matter. Many digital channels have their own conventions and peculiarities (think of social media for example, but also of usability best practices). The corporate identity must describe the boundaries, but it must be loose enough at the same time. In a world of permanent change, adaptability is imperative.

Gone are the days of building exceptions on exceptions or forcing square pegs in round holes. The Reference helps you return to what it's all about: the development of simple and medium-independent brand expression guidelines.

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Because The Reference took the time to understand our company, our culture and our ambitions, our collaboration delivered a long-term result that will actively support Melexis’ growth in the coming years.

Fran├žoise Chombar, CEO Melexis

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