Digital Asset Management (DAM)

A DAM system is the way forward if you want to make sure your important files are accessible for immediate use. These days customers and potential customers meet your brand in many different forms. Whether it is online on your website or social media channels, offline in stores or at trade fairs or through advertising and PR campaigns.

A DAM gives you full control over all the digital assets that make up your brand so you can maintain brand compliance across all channels and touchpoints. It provides one central repository for storing and managing files, images and videos that can be accessed by internal colleagues across the organization or by external vendors and partners.

Also, by having one single source of truth for all your digital files, you can maintain a high level of security and full control of user rights. This speeds up your working processes and efficiency, because users know they always have access to the files they need, when they need and in the right format.


  • 1 single point of truth for all your digital files
  • A secure location with clear user control
  • Manage all your rich content, such as video, digital files, music, films and audio clips.
  • A central platform for all your employees and external partners to get the info
  • Simplify your internal & external approval processes


  • A DAM should have a strong link to your CMS so digital assets have one 1 single point of truth
  • Manage your files (images, videos, documents) easily from within your CMS
  • Control your brand and secure brand compliance online
  • Create automated workflows for approval processes and sharing
  • Control access with user roles and permission levels aligned with the rights management in your CMS
  • Track and analyze the usage of your digital assets


Choosing a DAM can be a challenging and time-consuming task requiring a lot of specific knowledge in order to weigh up the pros and cons of specific solutions. Should it be integrated with your CMS or not? What kind of files do I have? What people should have access? What kind of license do I need? We will gladly provide comprehensive advice based on our more than twenty years of experience in content management.
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