Before starting implementation, it is important you make the right decisions related to technology and the final e-commerce platform. A choice that will depend on the functional demands you set as well as numerous other factors. It’s a time consuming task to compare all the possibilities over the various platforms. We happily share our experience and expertise and point out the crucial elements that are important when you have to make decisions. Do contact us before making a definitive decision. It can only benefit you.

More than a webshop

Nowadays, digital commerce means more for your company than just having an online sales channel or webshop with a catalogue and shopping basket. The platform you choose must enable you to manage the entire process. A process that starts well before the final sale and that continues over all channels and devices in the longer term. In short, the chosen solution must make it easier for you to reach and demarcate your target group, giving them an excellent user experience and building a better relationship with them. Options related to personalisation are essential here. 

Unique approach to each project

We have extensive knowledge and experience in successfully implementing e-commerce projects in complex settings. E-commerce platforms are often supported by integrations with numerous existing internal systems and on third party applications. With you, we look at the architecture, provide advice for setting up the solution and point out any possible optimisations. Each project is unique and that's how we approach it. 
We question the well-trodden route and approach each project from various fields of expertise. These include using digital commerce consultants, solution architects, functional analysts, UX designers, graphical designers, (frontend) developers, testers and system administrators. A project manager keeps the process running smoothly following the project methodology chosen in consultation with you.  


Our services consist of: 

  • E-commerce implementation and development 
  • Managing platform upgrades 
  • Answering change requests 
  • Performing maintenance tasks 
  • Providing support 
  • Setting up and managing monitoring 
  • Giving training and courses 

The Reference is a full service digital agency, which offers the advantage that we can work with disciplines that fall outside implementation but are crucial for a well performing digital commerce solution. Consider search engine marketing, social media management and applying marketing automation as well as other areas of expertise. 

Seamless transition

The customers we work for often have an existing commerce solution. Unlike when refurbishing physical sales points, sales are not put on hold for a few weeks. We build a new solution according to an agreed plan and ensure a perfect transition from one platform to the other. 
How do you migrate your existing products and categories to a new environment and what about the existing orders and your customers’ order histories? You can come to us with all these questions. In consultation with you, we will draft a concrete transition plan in which we keep the downtime to a minimum or even attempt to eliminate it all together and we employ all our resources for a smooth transition so your customers and sales figures will not be adversely affected. 

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