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The use of mobile devices is transforming the world more than ever. It is turning industries and markets on their heads at an enormous pace. The Reference supports and collaborates with companies that embrace mobility in the core of their business and want to be a part of a connected environment.

Shiny new smartphones and tablets with more and more capabilities, pop up every day. Our mobile experts are working daily to help national and international players shape their mobile vision, presence and understanding.

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MWC2018: up to an everything connected world

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We have been attending the Mobile World Congress for many years. It has always been a good indicator of the trends coming our way. However, over the years we have learned not to jump the gun because many of the showcased technologies are still in their early days or just entered the hype phase. Our feeling about this 2018 edition is a bit different, we could not really find new shocking technologies but more an evolution and maturation. Therefore, we have baptized 2018 as a transition year.

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