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Get your business mobile!

Several internal and external business processes can be optimised using mobiles, tablets or wearables.

Gain inspiration from the cases and experience of the experts at The Reference.


The examples that are out there, show how mobile devices can directly impact your daily operations. The pharmaceutical industry and bank sector were early adopters, but also other industries have seen the advantages by now. Even if only for practical considerations: no more reaching for a computer, a tablet starts up immediately, no hassle with batteries or cables etc. In other words, you are connected at anytime and anywhere.

The use of a tablet is also more personal from a customer-facing perspective. You can use it as the basis for your story and align your presentations and sales pitches to a more intimate way of working with your customer.

You work more cost effectively, more efficiently and faster. Short term investments can provide positive results for your conversion funnel, turnover and service level. They also help your distribution networks, resellers and independents sell your products or services better.

The Reference detects and develops innovative processes, for both B2B and B2C.

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