Where does my customer make their purchases, only from my website or also using other channels? Can I increase my conversion ratio and reach more customers using an app? The Reference specialists will clearly explain the role m-commerce can play in your overall (mobile) sales strategy.

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According to a study by the UN, in 2008 about 14.4% people will make at least one purchase using a mobile device. The average order value and the conversion ratio will also continue to increase. Considering the number of smartphone and tablet users and the excellent user experience of apps, this should not come as a surprise. Yet this is still a sticking point for retailers who lag behind and continue to present unfriendly sites and it means they potentially lose out.

M-commerce apps have a greater effect on your customer, improve customer loyalty & brand awareness (incl. via reward mechanisms) and make it easier to promote products (via push messages). New ‘smart’ technologies, such as augmented reality, geo-fencing and 
iBeacons, also mean that the app ecosystem is a fertile ground for expanding your e-commerce policy.

Feel free to contact us and gain inspiration from how we have put successful apps like Start 2 Run and Collect & Go on the m-commerce fast track.

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