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Deciding what kind of mobile application your company needs, doesn’t happen overnight. Numerous elements must be considered before developing an app. Our experts at The Reference love to guide you in making the correct mobile choices that fit best with your professional objectives.

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Native, Hybrid or Cross Platform? 

Finding your way through the labyrinth of mobile options, starts with answering important questions and defining all pros and cons of the possibilities. Based on your budget, backend processes, target groups, timings & security requirements, we help you finding the most sustainable mobile solution.

Building an app usually comes down to three possibilities. Each of these approaches has its advantages and disadvantages, such as budget, user interface and speed.

  • A native app is developed specifically for iOS, Android or Windows Phone devices. Each platform offers their own development tools and interface elements, but custom elements can be coded as well. Native apps always win in terms of performance, user-friendliness and offline usage.

  • A Cross-platform application is developed only once, but works on different platforms, such as iOS and Android. It’s called the “Write once, run everywhere” principle. Saving time and money is the main advantage of this all-in-one solution, but this comes with functional disadvantages.

  • Hybrid apps are part native, part web apps. They combine native functionalities with web/HTML5 content in an embedded browser.

Come tell us more about your mobile strategy and objectives so we can help you to build a mobile solution that will never end up in the graveyard of never used applications.

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