Service and Assistant applicaties

The smartphone is not only a very personal aid; it is also a new fully fledged customer touchpoint: for managing calendars, contacts and for social lives. But what about service companies? As a company, should you also be on your customer’s device to maintain your service level? Consider electricity, telephony, internet and banking.  


Intuitive mobile applications ensure that a consumer remains on a one-to-one relationship with the supplier. Do you have a question? Ask it using the app. Do you want to consult your internet use or outstanding invoices? How many MBs have you used on your smartphone this month? Programme your digital recorder, activate roaming abroad, ask for an intervention for your boiler, view your exercise history for the whole week, look at your diet plan or check your shopping list.

The approach of customer intimacy guarantees a high service level as well as aiming for retention and conversion to new services; promises mobiles can live up to. Are you interested in finding out how you can raise your service to a new level? Our innovation consultants will assist you! 

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