User experience (UX) design

The end user experience is no longer something you simply leave to chance. After all, every interaction and experience affect the value of your product, service and brand. The Reference offers an approach in line with your budget. This way, you create digital solutions that are more intuitive for end users and make them more profitable.
UX design

User profiling

Your customer, or your website visitor, wants to achieve something. It is imperative to know the target group, in order to identify the suitable functionality and content of your solution. The Reference works with you to identify who these people are and studies their objectives, context and personal characteristics. To that end, we use methods best suited to the given situation. Based on personalities and user story mapping, we share the facts and insights with all parties concerned. This means we can take well informed decisions and we can build the right solution together.

UX design

Information architecture

We are living in a time in which data and information are abundant. A website, intranet or application can all too quickly contain excessive data and functionalities. The Reference brings structure to this chaos and organises content so that it is aligned to the end user's mentality.

We provide suitable navigation to make everything accessible and easy to find.

UX design

Interaction design and user interface (UI) design

The user interface is the first, and often the only, part of a solution the user sees. Its relevance cannot be reiterated often enough. Achieving a good user experience is a question of simplifying the interaction between people and digital technology as far as possible. The Reference makes abstract ideas tangible and it makes assumptions verifiable. For this we use interactive wireframes and prototypes, among other things. This gives you a realistic picture of the final solution. And it enables us to test our ideas against reality before spending time and money on development.

The Reference has its office in the heart of Manhattan.
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