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Digital marketing has evolved from being an extra channel for advertising to an essential part of every marketing plan according its own digital strategy and sharply defined targets.
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How AR is revolutionizing social

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You obviously are familiar with social media – the average internet user literally spends more than 2 hours per day on their social profiles. You probably heard about augmented reality before. But what if we told you that it’s very likely you actually have come across and even used AR on social media? Mind. Blown.

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Attribution: Put your money where your model is

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If you’ve been in marketing for a very long time, you can fill a book with how the marketing sector changed because of the internet. Not so long ago, money was spent on billboards, television commercials and all kinds of other ways to present your brand to potential customers. Estimating the impact of each of these billboards and TV commercials required some statistical modeling and even those come with confidence intervals.

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3 cheers for Selligent Marketing Cloud

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Selligent has gathered its European partners in Amsterdam last week for some exciting news about some serious changes it is going through as we speak. A lot of great additions to the team, a flashy new branding and, most important of all, a complete makeover of the software itself. As a long-lasting partner, The Reference witnessed the changes first-hand over the last 6 months and we can tell you it has been and will be a thrilling ride. The leap they are taking on all different fronts still has to show the necessary results of course, but there are some brave steps that might very well bring in the gold.    

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