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Digital marketing has evolved from being an extra channel for advertising to an essential part of every marketing plan according its own digital strategy and sharply defined targets.
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Sitecore Personalization:<br> the What, How and Why

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Let’s be honest… showing the same content to every website visitor is a bit like serving the same meal for dinner every day. And for breakfast and lunch. Today’s digital marketing is all about context. The more you know about the context of your visitor, the more relevant you can make the experience. But how do you make this happen?
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Digital channel attribution for B2B companies

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When you're working for the marketing team of a B2B company, you face specific challenges. A common challenge is how do you show the contribution of your website in a long sales cycle? Website attribution can be difficult when working with a sales team and many contact points. Another common concern is the decision on how much effort is required on social channels. Additionally, how can you determine if the emails sent are read and effective?
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