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Digital marketing has evolved from being an extra channel for advertising to an essential part of every marketing plan according its own digital strategy and sharply defined targets.
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How to adapt your SEO to voice search

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'Hey Alexa, will voice search change the future of SEO?’. It sure as hell will!'

A few years ago, a mystical thing named voice search entered our world. Its future was still unsure, the abilities limited. Today, it fills us with delight to see that what once was a mystical thing, still exists and has broadened its abilities and popularity. Siri and Alexa aren’t strangers anymore and even Google joined in with Google Now. This of course changes the way we browse. It’s doubtful one would tell Google Now to look for: ‘hotels Italy cheap’. Instead, we will tell it: ‘Look for cheap hotels in Italy’. Do you see that? We use natural speeches when seeking information with voice search. That is one of the reasons why voice search will change our SEO strategies. Keep on reading if you want to keep up with these changes!

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How AR is revolutionizing social

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You obviously are familiar with social media – the average internet user literally spends more than 2 hours per day on their social profiles. You probably heard about augmented reality before. But what if we told you that it’s very likely you actually have come across and even used AR on social media? Mind. Blown.

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