Analytics & Data

It is all about finding those pockets of opportunity that are hidden in the data.


The Reference has a long history in web analytics expertise. From KPI definition over implementation & configuration to data analysis & reporting: our specialists have been consulting our customers for years.  But things only got really interesting the moment Big Data came into the market & data analysis tools started growing exponentially.

Our fast growing team of data experts is equipped and trained to guide you in your next data project.  We help you develop a data strategy & architecture, build a data warehouse & ETL set-up and create & analyze an automated reporting.  

Because it is our firms belief that truly genius marketing resides in the center of performance, creativity & data, our data specialists are integrated within our digital marketing team.   We aim to make data actionable and turn it into outstanding results. 


  • Data strategy & consultancy
  • Web Analytics implementation & configuration
  • Setup data solution architecture
  • Digital Business Intelligence & Analysis
  • Dashboarding & automated reporting


Ready to plunge into a data adventure together with us?  Our data experts are ready to guide & assist you in getting tangible returns on all of your data investments. 

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Sitecore Personalization: the What, How and Why

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Let’s be honest… showing the same content to every website visitor is a bit like serving the same meal for dinner every day. And for breakfast and lunch. Today’s digital marketing is all about context. The more you know about the context of your visitor, the more relevant you can make the experience. But how do you make this happen?
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Increase your keyword coverage with Dynamic Search Ads

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Every second 63.000 searches pass through Google Search. That translates to an unfathomable amount of keywords, which companies can use in their targeting when selling products and services through search ads. This means that it would be extremely labour-intensive  – not to say impossible – to manually implement and maintain all the keywords that people use on a daily basis and that are  - on top of that - relevant to your business in your search campaigns. However, the fact that you target a specific set of  keywords in your standard search campaigns, doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the huge untapped potential of relevant traffic that falls outside of your targeting. This is where Dynamic Search Ads can bring salvation!
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Automating Google Ads anno 2019 - where are we?

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Letting Google handle bid calculations & campaign creation used to be a daunting idea, but since Google’s algorithms have become smarter over time, adopting these automation tactics offer a huge competitive advantage.

2019 therefore promises to be a challenging year for digital advertising experts as they need to focus even more on strategic decisions while relying on Google’s automation technologies such as smart bidding & smart campaigns

We will zoom into these two topics in the upcoming blog posts, kicking off with smart bidding. 

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