Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tag manager tag allowing you a fast implementation and modification of tags on your website or mobile apps without requiring any technical intervention.

A tag is a JavaScript snippet that sends information to a third party. With tag management such as Google Tag Manager, you do not to keep these separate JavaScript snippets in your source code. You use the interface of Google Tag Manager instead to determine which tags you want to activate and when you want to activate it. You can easily add and update tags  for Google Analytics, Adwords, Floodlight, and non-Google tags (eg. Facebook) via the Google Tag Manager user interface.

Thanks to Google Tag Manager

  • you reduce the risk of errors;

  •  you no longer need a developer or webmaster for tag adjustments;

  • you are capable to quickly implement tags on your site;

  • you can easily test changes through versioning.

Thanks to its versioning, user rights and the debug mode the right people can easily control new tags, and this even before they are published. It offers you the chance to extensively test each adjustment offering you peace of mind when you post your changes online.

The power of Google Tag Manager is even greater when using mobile apps. While developing the app we use the Google Tag Manager SDK to connect a container to the app. This container is implemented along with the app. Changes can be made in the container without having to change the code in the app.

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