Web Analytics

Web analytics are essential for your website. How else do you know if the goals of your web strategy and website are achieved? Web analytics are a quick win that should not be left out if you want to know and adjust your online business.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most commonly used platform in the world for the analysis of a website. The free version of the tool provides extensive capabilities in the areas of data collection and reporting. Even though it's free, Google Analytics is constantly evolving. Annually, some new features are released, often based on user feedback.

As one of the few Google Analytics Certified Partners in Belgium, The Reference is the first informed of the latest features and functions in Google Analytics. And you together with us! The Reference likes to train its customers, enabling you to start work with this tool yourself.

Adobe Analytics

Does your organization have strict requirements in terms of data collection? Do you wish to roll out a specific data strategy that integrates a wide range of online and offline sources? In that case, Adobe Analytics is the right choice for your business or organization. In terms of data integration, attribution modeling and automation we can describe Adobe Analytics as top-of-the-bill. As part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, this platform offers many breathtaking modules. Test & Target, Experience Manager, Media Optimizer, can make your data collecting life a lot more enjoyable. Once the configuration of Adobe Analytics is done, we fully go for the reporting. By monitoring and measuring marketing efforts, we contribute to the maximization of your website activity.

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