Email Marketing, CRM and Marketing Automation

Why Email Marketing, CRM and Marketing Automation?

Your customer is, more than ever, key for your business. It is your customer that makes or breaks your service or product. Every contact, before and behind the scenes, must be based on a relevant and personalised communication approach. Every contact, visible or not visible to the outside world, should be supported by a relevant and personalised communication strategy. Value is only created if the right message gets to the right person at the right time. By providing deep, behavior-based customer insights and intuitive engagement strategies, The Reference manages to bring your omni-channel marketing to the next level. We enable exceptional experiences for your customers and make sure you get the right results out of it.

Together, we can make a difference.
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How does it work?

The key to a successful marketing campaign is in developing interactive dialogues through multiple channels. This campaign should be based on following principles:

  • A campaign should be channel independent to make it easier to go omni-channel (SMS, email marketing, landingpages, surveys, games, ...) 

  • Aim to maximize automation in the running of the campaign by automating email or sms responses, flows and reporting

  • Manage as much as possible centrally

  • Personalized and adapted to the behavior and characteristics of your target group by using micro- and macro-segments

  • Always use clean and correct up-to-date data through advanced data management

To accomplish this, you need a plan, the necessary creativity and knowledge of an efficient solution tailored to your companies' needs.

What is the purpose of Email marketing, Marketing Automation and CRM?

Email marketing, Marketing Automation and CRM professionalize the relationship with your customers. Sophisticated marketing campaigns are put in motion by actions of customers and prospects. This is done both online (on your website, in your apps, your emails) and offline (in your physical sites, at the cash register, in the bus shelter). Because everything is measured in event-driven marketing (EDM) we enrich the profile of the customer, allowing better segmentation and personalization.

With CRM we offer an answer to questions like:

  • Who is my customer?
  • What's the added value I deliver for my customer?
  • Of what value is a customer to me?
  • How can I provide more value to my customer?
  • How can I increase my revenue per customer?

The ultimate goal of Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and CRM is generating more satisfied and profitable customers.


What can The Reference mean for my Marketing Automation?

To take your digital marketing communication and the relationship with your customer to a higher level you can rely on a team at The Reference which is specialized in email marketing, marketing automation and CRM. Our consultants create a strategy and roadmap in close collaboration with you. Our marketers put this plan into data-driven, multichannel (lifecycle) campaigns that are supported with the necessary logic and scripting by our developers.

The establishment of up-and cross-sell, abandoned shopping cart, and birthday campaigns for us is an everyday job. Same goes for integrations with other data sources or tools you might use in your organization.

You can trust us with the design, copywriting, integration and execution of your marketing campaigns regardless of whether you're working with Marketo, Selligent, Sitecore, Measuremail, Addemar, MailChimp or other tools.

Afterwards ingenious analysts will analyze the campaigns to make these even more effective.

How all this fits into the business strategy and how the roll-out of the CRM process will be managed, can be defined in an overall CRM strategy.

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