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That mobile Internet usage is booming, is a true understatement. Almost every sector shows an incredible increase on the share coming from mobile devices and tablets. Moreover, we also spend more and more time on our mobile devices, both sequentially and simultaneously. Think about the second screening phenomenon.


Live by the golden rule 'you have to go where your customers are'.  And all your customers are mobile, just like you. (The chances of you reading this article on a mobile device, is around 35%.) About time to work on your presence here. Our team of mobile marketing specialists can help you.



'Build it, and they will come'. Unfortunately, that seems too often to be the starting point for developing mobile apps. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just like for a website, your mobile application deserves a well thought approach to promote the app in the most efficient way through the right channels. Both Google Adwords, Facebook & Twitter offer a lot of possibilities, each channel with its own pros, cons and segmentation possibilities.


Did you know that 80% of the installed mobile apps are used only once? Therefore a retention strategy is a true necessity! There are some specific tactics available that can be used to reactivate existing users, to uplift the number of active users and therefore generate a higher return on investment.

Our propositions

  • Google Search advertising
  • Google Display advertising
  • Admob In-app advertising
  • Youtube Video advertising
  • Facebook advertising
  • Twitter advertising
  • App Store Optimization

Mobile Analytics

Naast het efficiënt en correct meten van het gedrag van de gebruikers van uw mobiele applicatie, is er nog een belangrijk element om rekening mee te houden: cross device gedrag. De customer journey van vandaag is er één van meerdere browsers en verschillende types apparaten. Zonder een geavanceerde vorm van cross device tracking te implementeren, is het onmogelijk om deze volledig in kaart te brengen en elk touchpoint naar waarde te kunnen schatten.

 Mobile analytics

Besides efficient and accurate measurement of the behavior of the users of your mobile application, there is another important element to keep in mind: cross-device behavior. Today’s customer journey is one of several different types of browsers and devices. Without the implementation of advanced cross-tracking, it is impossible to fully identify and value each touchpoint.

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