Online Advertising

If we follow the rule to spend your media budget where your target audience is present, then Online Advertizing is an indispensable channel.


The available online channels to promote your brand, latest product or promotions are endless here. Think of search engines Google or Bing, but also Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, ... of course. It is not more than logical and justifiable that more and more companies increase their media budget for online advertising.

Next to great brand and product visibility, online advertising offers a -typical digital- big advantage: you can measure from A to Z, evaluate based on appropriate KPIs. No vague reports, but hard data. With some experience and effort you can transform online advertising campaigns to powerful revenue-generating channels.


You begin by determining your ideal media mix. These specific targets help you define the matter: 

  • Are you advertising for brand awareness or branding?

  • Is lead generation a goal?
  • Are you advertising to boost your online sales?
  • Do you advertise in the B2B or B2C market?

We match every goal to the appropriate channel, message and media budget.

Next up is the setup of your campaign, which -depending on the channel - may require several hours to several days setup time. Good knowledge of the rapidly changing interfaces and latest updates is crucial. When your campaign is launched successfully, we focus on adjusting and optimizing your setup, targeting and ads.

What can The Reference do for me?

The Reference’s experienced consultants can assist you at every step of the way. Whether it is about creating a good media mix or an effective setup over optimization of your long- or short-term campaigns: we know the ropes! We ensure that your online advertising campaigns use the latest features and work towards your preset goals.

Would you like to discuss the various possibilities? Please feel free to contact us! One of our consultants will gladly help you work out a tailored advertising plan.

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