Social Advertising

Boost your sales or put your brand in the spotlight? Attract new employees or increase the number of fans or followers? Advertising on social media offers an extensive set of features.

De targeting features van LinkedIn ads, Facebook en Twitter advertising maken het erg geschikt om aan een nauwkeurig gesegmenteerde doelgroep gerichte boodschappen te sturen. Zo kunt u uw publiek selecteren volgens leeftijd, geslacht, woonplaats, opleiding,... en zelfs persoonlijke interesses. Als u zich een segment kunt inbeelden, is de kans groot dat u het kan benaderen via social advertising. Naast de uitgebreide targetingopties, is social advertising ook de methode bij uitstek om uw boodschap op een visuele manier te brengen. Deze digitale vorm van storytelling zal uw campagnes bovendien veel aantrekkelijker maken.

Qua betalingsmodel is adverteren op social media vergelijkbaar met adverteren op zoekmachines: u betaalt per klik of per view en houdt zelf de touwtjes stevig in handen. Het grote voordeel hiervan is dat u enkel betaalt voor de mensen die rechtstreeks actie ondernemen of in interactie treden met uw campagne.

Facebook advertising

We know the story: you have a Facebook page, but you can only reach a small percentage of your fans. The growth of the page has stagnated ages ago. It is clear Facebook firmly tightens the belt called organic traffic.

Facebook advertising offers you a way out. In addition to reaching your current fans, it is an excellent channel to spread your marketing message to potential customers and fans. In addition to pushing the Facebook content on your page, you can also opt for many other objectives such as: website clicks and conversions, lead generation or video views. The focus is entirely on a visual experience, which can only make your content more attractive and convincing. Social advertising, and Facebook ads as a part of it, is known for very precise targeting.
The possibilities Facebook offers can go very far: you can segment your audiences based on demographics, interests, life events (marriage, moving, having children, ...), job information and even surfing behavior on your website.

We help you to spread your message on Facebook to a quality audience. Currently, over 1.4 billion people are active on Facebook. Your audience is definitely part of them and we can reach them.

Twitter advertising

Twitter is a very volatile medium. If you tweet something right this moment, it is possible that by the time you have read this entire article your post already sunk so far that no one sees it. Twitter advertising offers a solution!

According to your goals, our experts promote your business message through featured accounts, promoted tweets and the latest Twitter cards, segmented and tailor-made for your audience. The pricing model is transparent at all times: you never pay more than the set maximum amount and you only pay for a direct interaction. Your media budget is spent only on the interested people and can easily be adjusted for best performance.

LinkedIn advertising

You would like to push your professional communication in a visual way to interested readers? Are you looking for new customers or employees in a professional context? Make sure LinkedIn advertising is added to your marketing mix.

The Reference is happy to help you draw up a long-term strategy LinkedIn. Through sponsored posts or text ads we push your content to a relevant audience,  consisting of people who already know your brand and people who just recently got in touch with your brand. You only pay for direct interaction, which means that your budget is spent directly to an interested audience. Social advertising is known for its extensive targeting options and that's no different for LinkedIn: you can target job titles, industries, LinkedIn groups, skills, etc.

Want to know if LinkedIn advertising can be of any added value to your business? Or would you like to brainstorm and pick the brain of one of our experts? Do not hesitate to contact us and our experts will help you.

Other (Instagram, Pinterest,...)

With over 400 million users, Instagram is a great way to spotlight your brand in a visually appealing way. We know mobile is an essential part of a digital strategy and Instagram responds to this with its almost 100% mobile usage.

Thanks to its personal style, the application can count on a large crowd of young fans searching for their daily visual inspiration in their own personalized photo streams. The channel offers a creative way to put your product or service - or even better, your customer experiences - in the spotlight through advertising. You can inspire and seduce your audience to perform the desired actions with attractive visuals / videos and Call To Actions. Instagram advertising is completely embedded in the platform set-up for Facebook advertising. This means that your posts can be pushed very targeted using the same targeting options: age, gender, geography, interests, custom audiences (. Eg people subscribed to your newsletter) to even remarketing audiences via the Facebook Pixel

Questions about Instagram advertising? You'd like to start but don't know how? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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