Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management aims to protect proactively and reactively, the image of an organization or person and to safeguard it from negative influences.

Whether you’re a large company or a small business, reputational damage has far-reaching consequences. A falling stock price, layoffs, a stained personal blazon for top management.

Negative results don't disappear by themselves

The bigger your company, the more chances of customer dissatisfaction. You cannot please everyone… and Google knows. A Google search on a major brand hardly ever brings up negative results.

In rare cases, a complaint or an accusation of a person or organization goes virally. In those cases a complaint or allegation gets so much attention that search engines pick it up.  Consequence? A lasting negative result in search engines. Often it does not stop at one negative search result. You can count on it that this directly affects one’s wallet and that the negative result will not go away by itself.


Although there is a range of "E-protection" policies in Belgium, these only apply to private life and not for businesses. Moreover, the slanderous facts must occur after the conclusion of the policy.

If companies are aware that their actions can possibly have serious consequences on others or their environment (just think of the oil and chemical industry) it is strongly recommended to proactively "enhance" the search results of major search engines with neutral or positive imaging. A negative result will less likely settle in the top 10. It is like creating a dam against the flood.

And not reactive

However, very often the online reputation management is a response to past actions.

Removing a negative result completely from the index of search engines can only be done in very exceptional and justified cases, for example defamation, or disclosure of personal information. The general approach here is to allocate more value to neutral or positive results in the search results, pushing negative results away.


Acting ethical and transparent is a status quo for us. Obviously with the necessary discretion.

On the other hand, we expect that, the negative results are not due to malicious intent or willful infringements.

Proven methodology

Fortunately, there are methods and techniques to clear your name in Google.

The Reference has a proven methodology that can help you or your organization to protect your online image or purify the search engines. You are welcome to discuss this in all confidence with us.

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