Personalisation & Experience management

In order to build a good relationship with your customers, you should aim for an excellent user experience. Customers are keen to see relevant content tailored to their specific needs and interests. For example, those who bought a new smartphone, no longer require promotions for this product.

For marketers, personalization offers many challenges:

  • inspire instead of creating tunnel vision.
  • being relevant not too personal.
  • respecting the privacy of every customer.

The means for this personal approach are fully integrated into Sitecore’s Experience Management platform. It’s very easy and safe to personalize content, segment newsletters, optimize forms, create targeted calls to action, …

When preparing for this personalization it is possible to: (1) develop relevant profiles and personas, (2) elaborate personalized scenarios (3) test the whole lot.

1) Creating profiles

The possibilities to create profiles, are virtually unlimited. For example, you can personalize by:

  • surf behavior: new vs. recurrent visitors, visited pages,...
  • buying behavior: popular brands, price range, associated products, ...
  • geographic data.
  • demographics: age and gender
  • sociological data: family status, occupation, interests, ...
  • ...

The creation of such profiles differs greatly from sector to sector. You should always wonder what is relevant to your customers, the functional possibilities and what is feasible.

2) Developing scenarios

Profile creation is one thing, creating relevant scenarios another. The user experience of your clients must always come first, without losing your goals (KPIs) out of sight. It’s obvious that you start by thoughtfully considering thee scenarios before you getting started.

3) Testing scenarios

Your scenarios for specific profiles are ready? Then carefully testing is the next important thing. Using Sitecore Experience Optimizer, it’s easy to do some A / B testing based on a persona.

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