Sitecore Marketing Fast Track by The Reference

Go from zero to personalization in as little as 3 weeks.
A proven framework, using Sitecore, that focuses on a very specific segment to drive digital marketing initiatives. Stop waiting for the mythical "phase 2", to realize the gains of your Sitecore investment.

Your marketing needs to move at the speed of the customer. By the time you secure a budget for a long 10+ week strategy engagement, the customer has already moved on. You need to prove internally that your investment and strategy contribute to the ROI of the business.

Our Fast Track focuses on quick wins that provide immediate results.

Using the built-in capabilities of Sitecore, we help your team define and implement a set of quick digital marketing wins. You can be delivering personalized experiences in a few weeks, without requiring a single developer.

The result is digital marketing based on your business’ goals and objectives. Don’t fall behind your competition or your customer’s expectations.

What's Included

  • Segment definition that creates the foundation for the Fast Track
  • Identification of a high-value area where personalization will be enabled
  • Creation of profile and pattern cards for the defined segment
  • Goal creation
  • Content and asset support for personalized experiences
  • KPI definition for the defined segment
  • Analytics report tracking relevant KPIs
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Blog Creation and implementation
Federated Authentication in Sitecore 9 with Custom Claims Using Identity Server 3

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Federated Authentication in Sitecore allows you to authenticate users into the Sitecore CMS through an external auth provider. This post aims to provide guidance on how to achieve this, as well as demonstrating some powerful configuration options at your disposal when handling the mapping of claims. I will demonstrate how to take claims from Identity Server 3 and even add custom claims that can be processed by the Owin configuration.
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