Digital transformation

We help businesses cope with the fundamental changes brought on by digital.

But whatever triggers the need for change, we’ll focus on these key areas:

  • Improving the customer experience;
  • Increasing the in-company innovation levels;
  • More leads and sales growth;
  • Improve the marketing ROI;

In today’s fast changing environment, your customers are at the steering wheel. Yet, to stay relevant, focusing on customer needs and wants is not enough. Customer frustrations and points of friction must be removed for you to thrive. To lead, you must develop the capabilities to detect, create and serve new markets.


Digital has forced you to analyse and adapt your business on a permanent basis. You must keep searching for ways to cope with the reality of a future that is no longer predictable. 

The Reference designs your transformation roadmap. Not only do we design the transformation plan, we adapt your organisation by leading the change management process.

Digital roadmap

In order to integrate digital in a sustainable fashion and to create a company that flourishes in times where change is the only constant, it is required to inject digital into the core of the company and redefine its mission and vision statements.

We help you redefine your company vision and adapt it to the digital world. That is the basis for the development of a roadmap of change initiatives. That roadmap can be a series of experiments to prove hypotheses, or it can be a veritable big bang.

These strategic decisions are of course made in close collaboration with C-suite and management, but also with the people who will be executing the plans. Feasibility and positive impact are the two most important parameters in deciding the transformation path of the company.

Organisation design

Just like digitisation itself, there's no end to building a digitally integrated business.

Making digital part of your business' DNA is an organisational challenge. Digital transformation requires other ways of organising: what happens online is no longer the marketing department's responsibility. 

The continued integration of digital in your organisation required new governance models, renewed responsibilities and different forms of ownership.

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