Social Media Strategy

Using social media professionally requires more than occasionally posting your latest promotional offer or a cat meme on Facebook. You will see the best long-term results with a comprehensive Social Media Strategy. 

At The Reference, we see the following four components as part of this: 

  1. Social media monitoring: what can be found about your brand, competitors and topics on the internet? How do we treat this information?  
  2. (Social) content strategy: what story do you want to tell on social media?
  3. Conversation management: how will you enter into dialogue with your audience?
  4. Social advertising strategy: how will you spread your message? How will you be able to generate more sales or leads?

A good social media strategy tells a coherent story over the various social media channels and is seamlessly aligned to the overall digital strategy within your company.  Storytelling is a crucial element in this: social media enables you to raise the customer experience to a higher level by telling a visually appealing story.  

We focus on expanding a qualitative audience from potential customers to true brand ambassadors.

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