Senior Digital Copywriter


Digital copywriting (NL + ENG). Writing for web, mobile and social media. Expert in SEO, 'mobile first', labels, error messages and FAQ's. Product and corporate copy and user interface optimization. Capturing of consistent terminology and tone of voice through online channels.


  • More than 5 years experience in writing for web, mobile and social media
  • Extensive knowlegde of SEO and mobile-optimized writing
  • Extremely high language sensitivity, combines creativity with a strong feeling for the company and products/service
  • Adapts quickly to different business contexts
  • Strong experience in large multinationals and working with large teams (cooperating with product owners, UX experts, legal & compliance,...)
  • Strong experience in transactional copy: labels, error messages, FAQ's but also in long copy (product, corporate)
  • Tuning of copy on design constraints
  • Critical evaluation of prototypes for UX optimization (with impact on copy)
  • Experience in many sectors (banking, industry, real estate, FMCG,...)
  • Writes Copy in Dutch. Translates from English and French




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