Tool selection and architecture design

The technical underpinnings of your business strategy.

Our hands-on experience enables us to make the right decisions about which architecture and tools will enable you to achieve your business objectives.

Proof of Concepts, prototypes and pilot projects help us test and improve our designs before actually implementing them.


Our consultants are actively doing research to optimize a supported model with a focus on:

  • integration opportunities with existing or planned systems;
  • future-oriented, future-proof;
  • if necessary, roll-out in different phases;
  • the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the whole.

Proof of concept, prototypes and pilots

POC's, Prototypes and Pilots are important tools and tactics to devise technological solutions and create. They thus prove their usefulness in the rapid development of certain ideas in a strategic or tactical preliminary stage. 

Proof of Concept (POC)

Proof of Concept (POC) is a short exercise to test small features or assumptions. For example, to update uncertainties in linking two platforms. A POC always very clearly describes what needs to be tested and proven, and how far we go. If, however, the entire solution has certain performance requirements, a POC will be insufficient.


An exercise which simulates an entire system, or a substantial part thereof. Ideal for testing on a number of issues, including the user experience, and to test the functioning with the (end) user. The development of a prototype can be done very quickly using visual or 'clickable' mockups. Or even with a wider scope, and therefore equipped with extensive functional software. Much depends on the reasons for which a prototype is developed. Will you invest a lot of time and budget in a prototype? Then make the most of this phase: present the prototype to your audience. Listen to their feedback and use it to make your project better.


In a pilot project, we put the system in production according to the required quality standards, safety testing, performance testing, ... A select audience then tries out the system, eg. to test the ease of use. Or the technical aspects (performance, security, ...) of the system: how will they evolve during use?

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