The Reference welcomes James Krüger as new Creative Director

James Krüger, Senior Creative Director, joins The Reference’s creative Studio team. 

Here’s what you need to know about James Krüger

Get to know James

James can be described as a creative without boundaries, who refuses to be labelled by a specific trade. That probably has something to do with his educational background. He studied drawing & sculpture, and thereafter started a degree in applied design with specialization in design, illustration and photography. Upon finishing his Design degree, he decided to do an Honours degree in Strategic Brand Leadership and a Master degree in Interior Architecture and Retail Design. This exposed him to the other side of the creative world, namely the strategy and dynamics involved behind brands, their target markets and how to properly meet and satisfy demands in unique ways. 

James brings over 10 years of design experience to this newly created role, complementing The Reference’s team of creative talent. He previously worked for global marketing and advertising agencies like BBDO Cape Town, Saatchi & Saatchi, Design is Dead and Pinkeye. Over his decorated career, he has contributed his passion and expertise to multi-national brands like Coca-Cola, Neuhaus, P&G, Samsonite, Moortgat, Levis, Jules Destrooper, Auping, M&M’s and many more. 

The right mindset

“As a creative I believe that the only way to grow and expand your knowledge is to expose yourself to different cultures, people and trades. Design is a universal language, so the more I expose myself to it, the more fluent I will become at “speaking” this language. Designers do not have a 9-5 working day, or a 5 day working week, creativity never stops and inspiration can surprise you at any given time, even in your sleep.” - James Krüger, Creative Director at The Reference



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