A completely new CMS environment for SKYN®’s multilingual website

SKYN®, the highly innovative non-latex condom brand from LifeStyles Healthcare, has been collaborating with The Reference to migrate its existing website to the future proof content management system (CMS) Umbraco. This allows the company to operate fully independently and prepare itself for future requirements. The Reference only needed 3 months to get the job done. 

SKYN® originally had its website built on the Experience Platform Sitecore, just as their parent company Ansell. After Ansell sold their sexual wellness business unit, The Reference and SKYN® engaged in an exercise to define how the digital future of the brand needed to look like, given their new situation. The brand website was the key element where they needed to make a decision on. 

SKYN® was looking for a new, future proof Content Management System. They wanted a faster go-to-market than before, an improved experience for the content editors and above all, a solution that takes away most of the technical (IT) concerns in order to allow them to focus on the marketing side of their website. Next to these requirements, the system needed to be able to handle multiple brand websites in more than 20 country and language combinations.


The Reference took up the challenge to migrate the existing website to the new CMS in only 3 months. This included setting up the new environment, re-creating the SKYN® website in all country and language combinations, giving in the content, optimizing and migrating SEO and ensuring the go-live. 

Migration to Umbraco Cloud

The decision was made to migrate the SKYN® website to Umbraco Cloud. This will allow SKYN® to operate fully independently, in a new cloud solution that meets all current and future requirements, and offers the marketing department the flexibility, ease of use and fast go to market that it is looking for.
Umbraco Cloud is an open source, reliable and user-friendly CMS System using Microsoft (.NET) technology and powered by Microsoft Azure. The platform has professional support as well as a large community. The Reference is an Umbraco Gold partner, giving us, amongst others, direct support from Umbraco HQ, solid SLA guarantees and architectural advice when needed. 
The reasons why The Reference and SKYN® chose the Umbraco Cloud solution is because of the very fast setup of the environment, automated Umbraco upgrades and updates, fast deployments, a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, unlimited storage & bandwidth and a platform that is GDPR compliant.
SKYN® has a completely new CMS environment in just 3 months. This gives them a future proof platform where they can build upon in the years to come, always with a marketing focus first. As a second phase, optimizations to the site will be executed, as well as the possible addition of multiple brands, e-commerce capabilities, etc.. 


SKYN® is the fast growing, highly innovative non-latex condom brand from LifeStyles Healthcare. The parent company has a history dating back to 1905 when Eric Ansell first started making condoms in Richmond Australia. 
Today, LifeStyles Healthcare is a Global leader in the sexual wellness sector and is the world’s second largest condom company. SKYN® has become the world’s n°1 non-latex condom brand, after only 10 years of existence. Please visit for more information about the brand.
LifeStyles Healthcare was created in September 2017, when the consortium of Humanwell Healthcare & CITIC Capital private equity purchased the Sexual Wellness division from Ansell.
The Reference has its office in the heart of Manhattan.
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