Ann Demeulemeester

When bvba32 asked The Reference whether we could build a new website for one of the "Antwerp Six"... Well, they didn't have to ask us twice. The bvba32 label holds no less than two high-end fashion brands: Ann Demeulemeester and Haider Ackermann. We were charged with the mission to develop a completely new website for both brands.
Not only did we think of it as quite the honor, but it also proved to be an interesting project. The key challenge was to fittingly translate the expressive worlds of Ann Demeulemeester and Haider Ackermann to an online world. It goes without saying that all of this should be paired with an optimized user experience.


An elegant website as well as a user-friendly e-commerce platform.

Early 2015, bvba32 asked us to design and develop two e-commerce platforms. Important note: the changes shouldn't jeopardize the loyalty of existing customers. In addition, the websites had to attract a new audience at the same time. This leads us to the start of a stimulating process during which we searched for a synergy between high-end fashion designers and our own web design specialists. After a few workshops, we were completely on the same page and we could get started with the user experience.

We eventually built two impressive and intelligent webshops via Drupal Commerce. They thankfully didn't fit in the long line of commercial online shops with rather pushy calls to action. We have created platforms that, each in their own way, truly represent the fashion brands. As such, visitors are faced with a brand experience they're already familiar with. Some editorial and commercial aspects of the e-commerce part were also enhanced. For example, we integrated more than five different currencies into both webshops.

Sleek design. Visual eyecatchers.

Ann Demeulemeester is known for the way in which she poetically balances shadow and light. Her collections summon a serene and romantic universe, nuanced by a surprising rock spirit. That's why we went for a sleek, B/W design with some true eyecatchers. Big video walls show off the designer's latest creations which fashion lovers will adore. All of this is set to dark, dreamy or upbeat tunes.

Haider Ackermann designs ready to wear fashion with diverse cultural influences. Expressive fashion that contrasts as well as combines different dress codes. The clean creations are often asymmetric. Different materials that are sewn together add to the refined urban look. So how could we let the brand expression and collection shine? We decided to go for a minimal interface with intuitive navigation. The website has a rigid design with colorful and playful visualisations (such as video within video). In the background you'll hear feisty tribal music and stylish opera arias, adding to the overall experience.

Ann Demeulemeester

Ann Demeulemeester is a fashion designer whose eponymous label Ann Demeulemeester is mainly showcased at the annual Paris Fashion Week. She is one of the Antwerp Six in the fashion industry.

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