Melexis, the stock market-listed global player in the semi-conductor and sensors industry, realised in mid-2015 that its communication with the outside world was no longer in line with what the company stands for. The company worked with The Reference on a fundamental rebranding exercise and a complete rethink of its online presence.

The challenge


Melexis has developed its technological expertise in the automotive industry. Semi-conductors and sensors are now increasingly used in other applications, sectors and industries as well. Everything points to good growth potential in both the automotive industry and in new markets (medical, consumer electronics, etc.).

A modified and updated communications strategy is needed to fully exploit the potential in existing and new markets, characterised by:

  • A brand that differentiates Melexis from the competition;
  • Value-driven (instead of product-driven) communication;
  • The consistent use of various channels, on-line and off-line, with the corporate website as the central element.

The specific challenge for Melexis and The Reference was thus to facilitate future company growth by updating the brand, building the completely new corporate website and giving shape to the use of online channels.


The solution


The Melexis ‘brand house'

Communicating the value added by Melexis in a consistent way and across all uses of the brand (from social media to sales meetings) requires a solid and widely supported foundation.

On the basis of interviews throughout the company (with HR, marketing, sales, product management, CEO, etc.) and workshops with the management, the Melexis brand house was developed. The brand house very concisely explains to everyone at a glance:

  • What Melexis stands for;
  • How it positions itself in the market;
  • The brand personality;
  • The concrete evidence that enables the promise to be kept;
  • How all this is expressed in a creative way.

As a result of the intensive collaboration with the many different levels within the company, the brand house has become a widely supported platform for the company’s further development:

  • It will serve as the touchstone and guide for all future communications (products, employer branding, trade shows, sales meetings etc.), which forces consistency in market communications;
  • The perceived value of Melexis increases by placing greater focus on the brand promise rather than on product features alone;
  • The good support and clear guidelines provided ensure that existing and new initiatives can be developed and rolled out more effectively and efficiently.

The corporate identity

A completely new house style has been developed from the brand house. It is characteristic of The Reference that the house style is general enough to use with any existing and future channels whatsoever, and at the same time is also specific enough to answer all questions.

The house style is a set of guidelines which clearly set out why particular choices were made. Marketers, and by extension everyone at Melexis, can thus communicate quickly and consistently with the market.

One important element is that the focus is not on product features, but rather on what these products can mean for the customer and how they are used to resolve specific issues.

The value for the customer is depicted by creating analogies with examples drawn from nature. Things such as echolocation can be compared with Melexis technologies, and provide very rewarding narrative materials.

Corporate website

A third aspect of the collaboration is to extend the new corporate website, in line with Melexis’ long-term ambitions and the new brand.

Ultimately, more than 30 Melexis employees will work step by step on the conceptualisation of the new website.
The conceptualisation began with setting out the corporate objectives which the website will support.

How this support should be provided was determined on the basis of online research: the fundamentals are competition, keyword research and target audiences and their online behaviour.

The keyword research was particularly appropriate for one specific target audience (the researching engineer). Analysis of more than 10,000 search terms made it more than clear that the function of a sensor (such as “measure heat”) was by far the common method used by this target audience to look for products.

In other words, Melexis and The Reference thus crept into the mind of the researching engineer. The research determined how Melexis products are now organised on the website.

This data-driven way of working avoids unproductive discussions about taxonomy (do we arrange by sector? field of application? technology?). But more importantly: the website is now aligned with visitors’ expectations and behaviours, which undeniably offers added value.

In addition to the engineers, other target audiences (decision-makers, financial analysts, future employees etc.) were also defined and researched.

On the basis of the business objectives and how the site will support them, the website’s information architecture and functionalities were set out definitely with this research.

Once it was clear what the website should look like (both functionally, architecturally as well as in terms of look & feel), the website KPIs were established in the light of previously developed corporate objectives.

The concept and the reasoning behind it were received with enthusiasm by the internal employees, the management and the board of directors.

Sitecore 8 as technological basis

Sitecore 8 was selected as the technological platform. The platform’s extensive and user-friendly content management functionalities were one of the main reasons for choosing this platform.

In addition, Melexis can start to use sophisticated marketing tactics such personalisation at a later stage. For example, by adapting content based on the industry in which a visitor works, the website immediately becomes that much more relevant and thus more valuable.

The technical implementation went very smoothly thanks to the intense collaboration with Melexis: there were weekly updates and part of the website was delivered for evaluation at the end of each sprint.

During the preparation, the necessary content and how to keep it up-to-date were defined. During the implementation, support was provided in creating and inputting this content.

The website was launched on 15 June, ready to tell the world about the new phase in Melexis’ development.


Melexis is a stock market-listed manufacturer of semi-conductors, wireless applications and magnetic and optical sensors for applications in the automotive and medical industries, as well as for home automation, consumer electronics and industrial purposes.

The company was established in 1989, has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia, and employs more than 1,000 people. In 2015, the company reported turnover of more than €400 million.

Because The Reference took the time to understand our company, our culture and our ambitions, our collaboration delivered a long-term result that will actively support Melexis’ growth in the coming years

Françoise Chombar, CEO Melexis


The updating of the brand and its translation into a new corporate website fits seamlessly with Melexis’ corporate strategy. Further building on strengths from the past, the company is exploring new horizons: technological, market-related and geographical.
Melexis’s growth will be supported for the long-term:

  • All marketing and communication will be value-driven rather than product-driven which will create new opportunities to create and capture this value;
  • Melexis will constantly differentiate itself from the competition;
  • Not only will Melexis continue to be a market leader, it will also become established in new areas.

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