Real-time dashboarding

The Reference is partner of Klipfolio and uses this tool, with success, for a diverse group of satisfied clients.


Why a real-time dashboard?

As marketers, we have to report more and more on different channels and data sources. Undeniably, the age of big data can provide companies important insights. But data is one thing, a flexible analysis and presentation of that data into valuable information is something entirely different. On the one hand there is an overload of data, on the other hand, the data is everywhere and not centralized.

“Klipfolio is an essential tool to report numbers of visitors, conversion goals, leads and social media facts & figurers to other departments and the management. Making these reports monthly was very time consuming. Now we get the monthly dashboard in our mailbox with one click on the button. Thanks the crystal clear setup by The Reference it is possible to assemble the data in Klipfolio in real-time. This enables us to closely monitor and react and optimize rapidly."

Davy Van der Aa, Content & Conversation Manager - DELA

An abundance of data rarely presents itself as useful and meaningful information: too much numbers and too little insight. In order to grasp the constant growth of data you need to be able to convert your data into a story. Thanks to the powerful data visualization of Klipfolio you have the flexibility to present your findings any way you want.

The strenght of Klipfolio lies in the flexible way of connecting with your data.

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