Designers getting off by OFFF Barcelona

The end of May was an exciting time for graphic designers all over the world. Why? Because OFFF Barcelona took place, of course. Some of our designers went to this graphic festival and got inspired in multiple ways. Read all about it here! 

One of the things that struck our designers most was quite surprising to most of their colleagues. The fact that coding and designing actually can perfectly go hand in hand was their main learning. Coding is definitely a necessity if you want dynamic designs – and if you want to work fast. Their source of inspiration were the Yarza twins, who share the same face as well as the same ideas: you should take a better look at coding and envision how it can serve your designs. If we do want to get to a perfect implementation of the two, this means we need a shift in our way of thinking. Not only graphic designers design, but developers as well. Meaning we also need more creative spirits amongst one of the most mathematical and logical things on earth. 


Facebook’s Director of Design Sytems and Toolings also agrees on how important coding has become over the years. If you want to rapidly change a design, it will only be possible if you link your designing tools to one another. To ensure a perfect cooperation, it is necessary to include developers from the start as well. By involving them in the entire designing process, you will bump into bugs at an early stage. As for now, designing used to be all about delivering a ready-to-go design … until a developer came back saying some of the design is technically impossible. If they are, however, involved from the start, such bugs can be easily tracked beforehand. This eases the entire process of both design and development, resulting in a faster way of working. 

Let’s get emotional

Another important key-takeaway was how brands – and people – should invest more in an emotional approach. Sure, you may have a great product, beautiful design and funny tagline. Yet it is only when you speak to one’s emotions you can actually stick in one’s mind. Belgian design agency Dog Studio claims that emotion is everything, something many more keynote speakers confirmed at OFFF. The agency compared us to cavemen (we know, we were slightly offended as well) who act upon emotional impulses and emotion (well, they aren’t completely wrong). Exactly why design should get in touch with people as emotional beings, not just people as customers (dang it, they are so right).

Next to emotional value, a customer also wants to feel valued himself. So obvious, right? It is not uncommon this gets forgotten. Jeff Body gave a fine example of why it absolutely should never be overlooked. His Kraft Superbowl campaign was a huge success thanks to the fact customers (and non-customers) felt valued. They launched the hashtag #FamilyGreatly and asked people to share their family picture on how they get ready for Superbowl. This picture could potentially be featured on the Superbowl itself: printed out on a wall or in a commercial video-break. The amount of entries was humongous. They got so many pictures they even needed – wait for it – coding. Yes. We know, right?

Let’s get physical

Apart from the fact we hope you’ve got that wonderful Olivia Newton-John song in your head, it is about time that we get more in touch with reality. We do everything digital – even photography. In a way, at least. That’s how we forget the beauty of working with real things. Like your actual products. It can be better to shoot your products instead of using a previously shot picture and PhotoShop it in a new visual. Jeff Body shot videos for Tic-Tac, with a Tic-Tac as the main star. An actual, life Tic-Tac. 


The fabulous agency Future Deluxe did the same for Intel. They were asked to design abstract backgrounds. They delivered, but they didn’t *really* design their backgrounds. The organized a photoshoot and shot the backgrounds. By using oddly lighted glass, an iPad on drill and shiny lights … They were thinking beyond digital, yet still managed to think for digital.

Want to know more how our designers became even better experts after this glorious event? Easy, a simple e-mail to get to know each other suffices. 





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