Your homepage is less and less of a landing page

Our experts are happy to show you why you should spend more attention to your landing pages than to your homepage. Read their tips and learn why.

Your homepage is less and less of a landing page

Marketers probably know this scenario: everyone wants to claim their part of the homepage. Preferably at the top of the page so visitors definitely do not have to scroll down to be able to see their contribution.

The idea that a good position on the home page equals the more clicks and more conversions still lives strong in the minds of others.

Apart from the fact that there isn’t much space at the top of the page, the main issue is whether the homepage is still the best piece of real estate of a website. 

Do visitors actually click on those contested spaces? If they click, do they truly find what they’re looking for or expect?

What do analytics data say?

We have access to a lot of data showing us that users visit landing pages more and more frequently than the homepage. They access these landing pages through links on social media, mailings, organic searches, ads etc. Because of this, it’s necessary to invest in a good landing page.

Homepages are not shared or spread through mail. If you use search engine advertising, it wouldn’t make sense to use your homepage as a destination instead of a relevant landing page.

The figures also teach us that an increasingly small minority enters the URL of your website directly.

Discussions about the positioning of content on the homepage are continually less relevant. Investing time and effort to create and maintain welcoming landing pages is worth it.

On top of that, a landing page is indeed something which a department, product owner, marketer or anyone else involved can take full responsibility over. Content and result wise, there is a clear ownership, bringing it with an increase in productivity.

There are no downsides to visitors accessing a landing page, because all they see on it is relevant information.


Invest at least as much

Actually we like to say that it's even better, more time creating and maintaining your landing pages compared to your landing pages. The return is significantly larger and doing so creates a more productive and customer friendly online environment.

In a later blog we will give you a few tips and tricks about how your ideal landing page need to look like.

This blogpost was written by Bruno Dhont, Senior Functional Analyst at The Reference.


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