6 essential tips to get started with corporate video

Even though video brings a distinct added value to your digital communication, the process of making one is often feared. Many hard to foresee factors make video production a daunting task. What will the outcome be? How much will it cost? How do we know if the video is successful?

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At The Reference Studio, we guide clients through this process. We manage expectations while respecting the budget. Together, we solve the complex puzzle that video creation can be. Through our years of experience, we’ve identified these six actionable tips that boost the video creation process:

1. Know what you want

This is where it all starts. To write a clear briefing, you need to define the purpose and expectations for your video. What will it be used for? A brand image video isn’t the same as a commercial video. And if your video will appear on social media, you’ll have to keep in mind different rules than when you’re making a video that plays at your booth during events. This is important, because different purposes benefit from different approaches.

When writing the briefing, start off with describing your general expectations, then go into the technical details of your deliverables. When your briefing describes a clear idea, this translates to a good script. And good scripts lead to great movies.

Different purposes benefit from different approaches.

2. Dare to be creative

We know this is easier said than done, but creativity is bound to make your video more successful. Creative videos draw more attention and often help you overcome challenges posed by a restricted budget.

Some examples: a more minimalist approach to telling a story, might also lower the set building cost. Or maybe your projects benefits from animated characters instead of actors. We have to be clear about one thing, though: never assume a creative script will mask a low budget production. It can, however, bring balance to your movie’s budget, expectations and purpose.

3. Balance budget and expectations

This is a tricky exercise. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all calculation that translates any script into an exact budget. The good part is, you can make a video as expensive or as budget-friendly as you want. Sometimes a very low-cost production works out really well. Keep in mind though, that more often than not it’s an exception to the rule. More budget allows you to gain more control. You can work with specialized professionals. You’re less likely to rely on coincidence and lucky factors.

Set up a Pre-Production Meeting (PPM) in which every aspect of the shooting is talked trough.

4. Choose the professionals that fit your project

We never put all our eggs in one basket. At The Reference, we dive in our network of preferred partners to find the best fit for a project. We do this, because some production agencies are specialized in making documentaries, while others in filming creative scripts with actors. Combining different insights and experience will help us to work with maximized efficiency.

5. Discuss the project in a Pre-Production Meeting before you start shooting

Before you start filming, set up a Pre-Production Meeting (PPM) in which every aspect of the shooting is talked trough. In the PPM, discuss aspects, ranging from the approach, to the location, casting, styling, and budget. This is also the meeting where you’ll discuss the postproduction thoroughly. This will help to keep the views of everyone in the same direction and avoids discussions on set and after the shooting. If the PPM goes well, you’re going to start filming well prepared and with an ease of mind.

When all goes well, your time on-set will be great!

6. Don’t forget to have fun!

Don’t forget the most important lesson of all! It’s easy to get caught up in the planning and preparation for the shooting, and miss out on the fun. It’s a lot of fun to work on a video. Just keep in mind: a good preparation is half the work. Days on the set can be long, but they’re the fun part. Good luck!

Still not sure how to get started?

That’s no problem, we’re here to help you. Our Studio-team at The Reference is keen on finding the most cost-efficient way to work. From arranging the right professionals for the right job, to finding the right concept within the limits of a budget. We’re skilled in guiding a project from A to Z; not only the moment you start filming, but also from a briefing, to the script, and eventually to final deliverables.

Feel free to reach out with all your video needs!

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This article was co-authored by Ivo Blomme and Kathleen Van Ruyskensvelde



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