What is a marketing data warehouse?

Gain control over your marketing data, save time and improve your workflow with a marketing data warehouse. Discover the differences with a traditional database and if you need one for your business.

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: a colleague comes up to you and asks for a specific data set concerning your users. You would love to help her out, but with all the best intentions in the world, you simply can’t find that specific set hidden in one of the many databases, dashboards and Excel files your marketing team holds. You know it’s there, but it’s just near-impossible to find. With a marketing data warehouse, this is a problem of the past.

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Whether you’re tired of your various analytics dashboards taking ages to load, or your expansive Excel files full of rich data constantly crashing, the tools of a data-driven marketer often lead to frustration and unwanted tension. Gathering all the data that’s strewn across these various tools and sources in one database, can take these frustrations away.

A central database for your marketing data

The definition of a marketing data warehouse is pretty straight-forward: it’s a central database that holds all your marketing data.
You might wonder what makes this kind of database so different from a regular data warehouse. It comes down to three key points:

It’s designed around marketing data

This point is pretty obvious, right? The marketing data warehouse is built around marketing data, meaning it cuts out all additional information like sensitive customer details or data concerning your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

The data is anonymized

A regular database can hold any type of data you like, whether it’s sensitive and private or not. A marketing data warehouse only works with anonymized data, making it GDPR proof. Because of this, the marketing data warehouse is a safe playground for marketeers.

Marketing data warehouses are fast to implement

Your marketing data warehouse can be up and running relatively fast. There are a lot of off the shelf connectors and integrators with your regular data sources, which reduces the set-up time drastically. This gives you more time to actually start using and visualizing your marketing data in the new centralized environment.

comparison marketing data and regular data warehouse 

Why do you need a marketing data warehouse

On the surface, the advantages of a marketing data warehouse without a doubt are apparent. There might be some extra advantages that aren’t as obvious at first glance though:

Great way to get more organized

Having all your marketing data collected in one place, makes it easier for everyone involved to find the data they need.

Full control over your marketing data

The data you store in your marketing data warehouse in completely in your hands, meaning you can keep it and play around with it for as long as you’d like. Compare this to Facebook Insights, for example, where you can only use data from the past 60 days, and the big advantage is clear.

Multiple data sources aggregated in one place

Never before have marketers had so many different advertising platforms and data sources. The big advantage of a marketing data warehouse is bringing all this data together in one centralized place. This way you can compare data from different sources and get a broader view on the impact of your digital marketing efforts.

Secure and fast visualization

Marketing data warehouses are designed to hold a lot of information and offers you fast and intuitive ways of visualizing them. Compared to Excel, for example, a warehouse will not crash when you’re trying to pull up large amounts of data.

It’s a good step towards advanced AI

With a marketing database like this, you have all the necessary information stored to pave the way towards more advanced AI solutions.

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